Section Head, Nuclear Science & Advanced Technology in Oak Ridge, TN for Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Physics


We are seeking an R&D Section Head for Nuclear Science and Advanced Technology in the Physics Division. The Division builds on ORNL strengths to perform outstanding leadership research for the Nation in fundamental nuclear science, national security and related areas. Our focus is in the areas of novel Advanced Radiation Detector Development, Applied Data Science, Nuclear Structure Physics, Theoretical Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics

The Nuclear Science and Advanced Technology Section delivers foundational knowledge in nuclear science and astrophysics through world-leading theoretical and experimental studies, as well as associated radiation detection technologies for next generation nuclear solutions needed by the nation and the world.


Provide Research and Development (R&D) leadership to a thematic area of science and technology that integrates several thematically aligned R&D groups consistent with ORNLs aspiration to be the worlds premier R&D institution and ORNLs science culture.

The R&D Section Head works closely with the Division Director and section Group Leaders to establish and implement the science and technology directions for the section; support the Group Leaders to ensure their success and the success of the R&D groups as world-recognized leaders in their fields; ensure that staff members understand business opportunities; identify links to current and future funding opportunities and R&D programs; develop and implement consistent processes for the peer-review of proposals consistent with lab standards; model proper Environment, Safety, Security, Health, and Quality practices; and ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment where every employee feels safe, heard and appreciateda workplace that sets an example for the broader community

Major Duties/Responsibilities:


Scientists/engineers/analysts who have significantly advanced knowledge/technology in their respective field. Their work directly impacts the present or future of the laboratory in significant ways. Initiates, leads and performs R&D programs and initiatives on an ongoing basis.





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Section Head, Nuclear Science & Advanced Technology in Oak Ridge, TN for Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Physics

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