Q&A: Putting the Sky in Everyone’s Hands – Physics

I was asked to coordinate the disability projects in Spain for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. In searching for ideas, I learned about a planetarium show for the blind in Argentina. My colleagues and I contacted the shows creator Sebastian Musso, and with his input we developed a tactile planetarium show. The shows key element is a half-sphere made of resin with constellations in relief on the surface. Each blind visitor is given one of these half-spheres so that they can feel the shape of the constellations, while listening to the planetarium presentation.

Afterwards, somebody approached our group and said, Hey, you have this sky, why dont you make a tactile Moon? We said okay and spent the next year developing a model with craters and other features. Since then, we have made tactile models of Mars, Venus, and Mercury. And were now working on a model of Earth.

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Q&A: Putting the Sky in Everyone's Hands - Physics

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