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Today, we began the notification process for the 92mm Stowaway. After our initial announcement last April, we discovered there was an existing Stowaway list from 1999-2002. We thought this list had been exhausted; however, this is not the case. In our last communication with the people on the original 90mm list, we left open the possibility of future production. Consequently, here is our notification process:

We are notifying the people who are on the original list, in batche…s. The notification process will be rapid, notifying the oldest requests first, followed by another notification within a few days, and continuing this process until we have notified the original list in its entirety or have sold all of the scopes in this production run.

We are hopeful that some of the people on the newer list, started in April, will also have the opportunity to order from this run. We plan to make another run of these scopes next year. We may contact you at that time if you are not notified on the first run.

If you are contacted and would like to order a scope, we encourage you to order as soon as you make your decision. Our expectation is to have enough scopes for all people still interested from the pre-existing list. However, we will not know until the notification process of the original 90mm list has concluded. We will be notifying more people than we have scopes.

Price: $3,490Information regarding the 92mm Stowaway:

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