Leafs best Red Wings in Winter Classic shootout

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The Toronto Maple Leafs particularly enjoyed a picturesque but cold and snowy outdoor hockey game that probably broke an all-time attendance record.

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World's 7 most remote islands

Bishop Rock stands at the end of Britain’s Isles of Scilly. Guinness World Records regards it as the world’s smallest island with a building on it. The inhabitants of North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean’s Bay of Bengal are not known for hospitality.

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Jon Huntsman: GOP Is ‘Devoid Of A Soul,’ Needs ‘Strong Dose Of Libertarianism’ – Video

Jon Huntsman: GOP Is'Devoid Of A Soul,' Needs'Strong Dose Of Libertarianism' Jon Huntsman: GOP Is'Devoid Of A Soul,' Needs'Strong Dose Of Libertarianism' www.mediaite.com TJ Walker is the #1 rated Daily Internet-only liberal news video pundit (viewed at www.tjwalker.com and http Walker is also a regular contributor to Forbes.com, Daily Kos, and the Reuters Insider Network. Walker is also a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Business Week best-selling author. A frequent network news analyst, Walker has made more than 1000 national TV and radio guest appearances on CBS, ABC, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera, NBC, Fox Business, Russia Today, HLN, TrueTV, Comedy Central, Sirius and NPR (1) Continue reading →
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New Dean of Science has high hopes for his faculty

Selena Phillips-Boyle CHECKMATE The man who solved checkers is setting his sights on the Faculty of Science Artificial intelligence has been the focus of Jonathan Schaeffers research during his past 28 years at the University of Alberta, but his new role as Dean of Science will rely solely on his own intelligence. The Board of Governors appointed Schaeffer to the position last week, which will commence July 1 for a five-year term. Schaeffer succeeds Gregory Taylor, who had held the position since 2003.

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Medical legend present to see his grandson graduate med school

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Among the graduation ceremonies this weekend was a special one. Two-hundred and sixteen students received their degrees in medicine from UT Health Medical School. And one famous Houstonian was there to see his grandson follow in his footsteps and become a doctor — legendary heart surgeon Dr.

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