Eugenics compensation public hearing set for Tuesday

Leaders in the N.C. General Assembly say that it is too early to evaluate the prospects of proposed legislation that would give reparations to people who were sterilized under a state-sponsored eugenics program.

Victims of the states sterilization program will attend a public hearing Tuesday afternoon at the Legislative building in Raleigh.

The hearing is to help lawmakers better understand what the victims went through when they were forced to be sterilized by the former North Carolina Eugenics Board.

So far, 132 victims have been confirmed or verified by the state, including 118 living victims.

A Eugenics Task Force, created by Gov. Bev. Perdue, filed a final report in January issuing $10 million for victims. That money would be handed out in a lump sum worth $50,000 to eligible recipients. They have until Dec. 31, 2015 to file a claim.

The Sterilization Victims Foundation continues to assist individuals who believe that they or someone they know may have been affected by the N.C. Eugenics Boards program. For information, call toll-free hotline 877-550-6013.

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Eugenics compensation public hearing set for Tuesday