Save the Futurist campaigners say there is commercial interest in "stunning" Liverpool Lime Street site

Campaigners hoping to save the Futurist Cinema on Liverpools Lime Street say they are aware of commercial interest in the building – depending on its condition.

And today campaigners called on Liverpool council to allow them to enter the building with a surveyor to see for themselves the state of the old cinema premises.

Those fighting for the building to be brought back into use want to see if any internal damage is repairable.

The authority maintains the site, which is at the heart of expected regeneration plans, is too damaged to be completely saved but have said they will share structural information with campaigners.

The future of the cinema and its much-loved facade is in doubt as the site lies on part of Lime Street that is expected to undergo significant regeneration in the coming years.

Pictures on the website of developers Neptune, said to be merely illustrative rather than actual proposals, suggest the two pubs at either end of the development – The Crown and The Vines – will remain, but show a dramatic change in between, with student homes, shops and a hotel among possible new structures.

The council has confirmed it is looking to integrate a section of the existing Futurist Cinema facade into the design of any future development and has had positive discussions with the Save the Futurist campaign group.

But, with plans for the Lime Street regeneration expected to be submitted to planning chiefs soon, campaigners are hoping to go further and save the building, preferably bringing it back into commercial use.

Among their wishes is to be able to send representatives inside the site to see how bad its condition is.

Recently a huge banner calling for the building to be saved from demolition was placed on the building while more than 2,700 people have signed a petition backing the campaign.

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Save the Futurist campaigners say there is commercial interest in "stunning" Liverpool Lime Street site

Part of historic Futurist facade could survive extensive Lime Street regeneration

Part of the historic Futurist Cinema facade is likely to be kept as part of extensive regeneration plans for Lime Street, Liverpool council chiefs insist.

In response to online images of how the street could look following its expected facelift, the authority sought to reassure campaigners it hoped to retain elements of the site in design plans.

The news comes after pictures appeared on the website of developers Neptune alongside a description stating that student accommodation and a hotel were planned as part of the regeneration scheme.

The images of a future Lime Street are thought to be concept ideas rather than finalised designs, but do reveal a glimpse at the thought process behind the scheme.

The pictures suggest the two pubs at either end of the development – The Crown and The Vines – will remain, but show a dramatic change in between, with student homes, shops and a hotel among possible new structures.

The images also point to the loss of the historic cinema facades of The Futurist and The Scala, though a short row of shops next to The Crown appear to survive and the project does include plans to refurbish the former ABC Cinema with the creation of a new auditoria and venue with associated restaurants.

Accompanying the Lime Street images on Neptunes website is a short summary, explaining the development.

It said: This major regeneration initiative is being undertaken on behalf of Regeneration Liverpool and involves the clearance of a series of run down buildings in this important city centre street and the development of a high quality scheme with retail hotel and student accommodation.

However, the council has now dismissed the images as merely illustrative and said a consultation would take place over any official proposals.

A spokesman said: The regeneration plans for Lime Street are still a work in progress and published images are merely illustrative. The city council and the developers are in fact looking to integrate a section of the existing Futurist Cinema facade into the design of any future development.

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Part of historic Futurist facade could survive extensive Lime Street regeneration

Cumberbatch steals the show

AP / Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch steals the show from Reese Witherspoon and Jon Stewart in Telluride

Aug. 30, 2014, 12:38 PM EST

On an opening night that found the Telluride Film Festival hosting three Toronto-defying world premieres, Jon Stewart enjoyed newfound star power as an off-camera writer-director with the debut of “Rosewater,” while Reese Witherspoon had some festivalgoers supposing that “Wild” could have her walking a red-carpet line to another Oscar nomination.

But the man who might have gotten the biggest boost on Friday wasn’t there to enjoy his acclaim. Benedict Cumberbatch’s ears should have surely been burning, as “The Imitation Game” opened at Telluride to the kind of near-universal kudos that nearly eclipsed the somewhat mixed reactions to the day’s other bows.

See video from TheWrap: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley Race to Break Nazi Code in First ‘Imitation Game’ Trailer (Video)

“Imitation” director Morten Tyldum did turn up to usher in the film’s first public screening, as did Harvey Weinstein. As Oscar bait, this “Game” has nearly everything going for it, combining a critical historical moment the cracking of the German Enigma code, which some say made the difference in the Allies winning WWII with a contemporary hot-button topic, as found in the eventual persecution of Cumberbatch’s war hero character for the mere fact of being illegally homosexual.

Gritty and glossy at the same time, in the tradition of some of Weinstein’s biggest successes, “Imitation” also has the virtue of being quite good. Weinstein may actually have an easier job than usual, at least when it comes to collecting nominations. Predicting whether Cumberbatch will earn one kind of counts as a “no s t, Sherlock” no-brainer.

Earlier in the day, “Wild” premiered up in the blue yonder at the mountaintop Chuck Jones Cinema, where it was warmly if not wildly received by an invitational patrons-only crowd. Among the well-wishers were Oprah Winfrey, who helped popularize Cheryl Strayed’s source memoir by making it a book club selection.

Although reaction to the film among bloggers was as divided as the response for last year’s ultimately unsuccessful opener, “Labor Day,” “Wild” certainly stands a better chance of making an incursion into the awards picture via Winfrey’s support and all the residual good will for Witherspoon. As the story of a woman who walks the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail in response to the death of her mother (played by Laura Dern in dozens of regularly-scheduled flashbacks), “Wild” is likely to divide critics into camps of those who respect it as a tale of spiritual self-enlightenment and those who wonder how it’s even possible to trail-walk while doing that much navel-gazing.

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Cumberbatch steals the show

(NEW RELEASE 2014) CINEVEO – New VR Cinema 3D Software for Oculus Rift & DK2 – Video

(NEW RELEASE 2014) CINEVEO – New VR Cinema 3D Software for Oculus Rift DK2
CINEVEO is a brand new virtual reality movie theater / vr cinema software for Oculus Rift and DK2. Release date: May 17th, 2014 Download CINEVEO at FEATURES…

By: Sven K

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(NEW RELEASE 2014) CINEVEO – New VR Cinema 3D Software for Oculus Rift & DK2 – Video

Apollo 13 movie fundraiser for schools

Schools have been lining up to use Carter Observatorys new, free resource, the Astronomy Box, but theres a catch. They currently have to cover the cost of shipping. So Carter have organised a fundraising event at Lighthouse Cuba Cinema at 6pm on Thursday 20 March and all funds go towards transporting the Astronomy Box to schools as needed. Come and see a screening of the multi-Academy Award winning film, Apollo 13, and support this excellent educational programme for Greater Wellington schools.

The Astronomy Box is a remarkable resource for schools who wish to spend up to four weeks doing more in depth study of space phenomena. It is designed to inspire, explain and develop students thinking on the topic of the Earth and beyond. The box includes a telescope, solar glasses, books, activity cards, a model solar system and other resources schools may not have easy access to. Becky Bateman, Carter Observatory Learning and Programmes Developer, helped develop the box. “For a while schools have been asking after a quality space resource that is easy to use. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! They love the quality resources that they may not have had access to previously.” The Astronomy Box is particularly valuable to schools who might not be able to travel to Carter Observatory easily due to cost or distance.

Book now through Lighthouse Cuba Cinema, Ph: Phone (04) 385 3337.


Apollo 13 movie fundraiser for schools

Yandex Islands: Markup Issues and Implementation by @promodo_en

What is Yandex Islands?

Yandex Islands is a new platform from the Yandex Company. Officially, Yandex Islands were launched in July; they present a new type of snippets in the search results. From now on Yandex wants to give interactive answers to users search queries (official information about Yandex Islands you can find here: ).

Long time before Yandex started adding elements to the search results in order to help the user estimate the website relevance. It ended up with idea to show to the user website functionality right into the search results. This way the search engine decreases the number of actions users have to perform to receive the answer to what interests them.

Yandex says its islands will be able to find solutions for complicated search tasks. For example, the user fills in the form to call a taxi, he writes Place of departure and Place of arrival, then Yandex sends request to the website and receives the information about costs and time for this particular case or as in an example below where we searched for the cinema:

In short, with the help of Yandex Islands users can order, buy a product, make an appointment or perform many other types of actions without leaving search results page.

While appearance of Yandex Islands is beneficial for the search engine users, it also brings challenges to the webmasters and website owners. Firstly, interactive snippets require much more space in the search results than simple snippets currently take. It means that less websites will be visible on one page and competition for the space in the search results will become fiercer.

Secondly, if you dont want your website to lose to your competitors and what it to have the most beneficial look in Yandex Islands, you will need to write special markup for website correct display in interactive search results.

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Yandex Islands: Markup Issues and Implementation by @promodo_en

Miami: 5 free things for visitors, from beaches to art and Little Havana

MIAMI – With its sizzling beaches and steamy nightlife, it’s no wonder Miami is a top vacation spot for snowbirds, spring breakers, international tourists and passengers heading out on cruises from Florida ports. Over 13 million people visited the city in 2011, according to the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Getting past sticker shock, though, can be difficult for anyone on a budget. Expect to pay $20 for a burger at trendy restaurants, the same for cocktails. Just getting past the velvet ropes of a popular nightclub can run $300.

To avoid draining your pocketbook, do as the locals do and enjoy Miami’s free attractions. In addition to beaches and people-watching, take in spectacular water views while biking over a causeway. Become an art enthusiast or critic while browsing neighbourhoods lined with galleries and graffiti murals. Or catch a movie outdoors on a nighttime picnic.


Even if you can’t afford to stay in luxury hotels with ocean views or you’re not trendy enough to get into the beachfront clubs, the sand and turquoise waters of South Beach are free, accessible and popular with visitors along Ocean Drive from about Fifth Street up to Collins Park. You’ll share the sand with locals, day-trippers and tourists staying in nearby hotels.

Other activities in the South Beach area include a free New World Symphony concert projected onto a 7,000-square-foot wall (650 square meters) of a building designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry at 500 17th St., during Wallcasts ( Bring a blanket or picnic to enjoy the experience. Or watch a movie under the stars at the free SoundScape Cinema Series on the corner of 17th Street and Washington Avenue. Movies begin at 8 p.m.,

If you’re coming by car, parking can be a challenge. Street parking is easier in North Miami Beach. Information about other beaches in the area can be found at


Miami Beach is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places for having the largest concentration of 1920s and 1930s resort architecture in the U.S. The 800 buildings are known for their Mediterranean and Art Deco styles, with pastel colours, porthole windows, curved walls, and distinctive lettering on historic hotel signs. Walking tours cost $20 to $30 but many of the buildings are easily recognized. National Geographic offers detailed notes for a self-guided tour, mostly along Ocean Drive between Fifth and 17th streets, .

Perhaps the absolute best free thing to do in Miami Beach is to go people-watching along Lincoln Road The pedestrian mall lined with palm trees, dozens of shops, restaurants and bars is a popular tourist destination and hangout spot for locals along with their designer dogs.

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Miami: 5 free things for visitors, from beaches to art and Little Havana

American Cinema – 100 Years of Filmmaking [VHS] – Video

American Cinema – 100 Years of Filmmaking [VHS] American Cinema – 100 Years of Filmmaking [VHS] Given the difficulty of living up to such an ambitious title, American Cinema, a nine-hour public television overview of the movies, is a remarkably entertaining, informative, and informed introduction to movies in the US, from the silent era to the Sundance generation. Divided into 10 self-contained episodes, the series begins by looking at the practical magic of movies. “The Hollywood Style” and “The Star” examine the underpinnings of filmmaking and star making in carefully chosen examples a List Price $ 124.98 Price: $ 129.95 The Passion of Martin Scorsese: A Critical Study of the Films From his earliest shorts to his recent feature ?lms The Departed and Shutter Island, this book offers an in-depth analysis of the deepest archetypal themes, symbols, and structures in Martin Scorsese's entire body of work. It examines each of Scorsese's ?lms as a mythological journey through which the main character is offered an opportunity for psychological and spiritual enlightenment, focusing especially on how each character is led to recognize, accept, and embrace his or her ?awed tra List Price: $ 45.00 Price: $ 44.10 [wprebay kw=”martin+scorsese+films” num=”0″ ebcat=”-1″] More Martin Scorsese Films Products http://www.ssms1.comFrom:Eran KruViews:0 0ratingsTime:01:31More inEntertainment

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American Cinema – 100 Years of Filmmaking [VHS] – Video

What have we done over these hundred years ( 1912-2012) – Video

What have we done over these hundred years ( 1912-2012)
Subscribe – What we've done over these hundred years, 11 more images after the break… Aviation. Mail. Aerospace. Cinema. German Cinema. Medical Treatment …From:nplusonemediaViews:1 0ratingsTime:01:01More inEntertainment

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What have we done over these hundred years ( 1912-2012) – Video