Walking to Integrate Spirituality and Physical Activity

Columbia, SC (WLTX) – Taking a walk to combine spirituality and physical activity is a rising trendamong young adults.

One such group of young adults at Shandon United Methodist Church walk as the sun comes up on Wednesday mornings.

“It’s a nice break from everything,” said Amanda Rosinski who says the group is doing good on attendance despite theearly hours.

Rosinski brings her dogto what is now themid-weekmorning routine.

The group, ranging from 4to 12 members depending on the week,uses a devotional book to guide their time and praybefore hitting the pavement.

“A lot of the book and scripture we read deal with nature,” said Rosinski. “You have a reflection time and it’s nice to get your thoughts gathered from the beginning of the week towards the end of the week.”

The group started seven months ago and is marketed to young adults, both men and women, in the church.

“Started off as a way for us to spend a little more time together in a very different setting,” said Julie Songer Belman, a minister at Shandon United Methodist Church. “Instead of getting up and thinking about all the things I have to do today and all of the stresses and worries … Just take a walk.”

It turns out taking a walk is gaining popularity among a younger generation looking for something less traditional and structured.

Columbia International University professor David Cashin says the popularity comes from those looking to investigate spirituality while staying active.

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Walking to Integrate Spirituality and Physical Activity