Greenaway Immerses Viewers in Art

By Tim Misir The St. Petersburg Times Published: April 23, 2014 (Issue # 1807) Greenaway entertains the press at the opening of his exhibition with Dutch director Saskia Boddeke in Moscow last week

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Sd Laika – That's Harakiri

Harakiri: a ritual Japanese suicide of disembowelment reserved only for samurai. Seems horrifying, but witnesses insist it was a profoundly impressive sight to behold. Its an apt title for Milwaukee producer Sd Laikas long-awaited debut album then, as aural demonstrations of ultra violence are carved into something texturally exquisite.

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New Nissan Frontier Promised For 2015, May Arrive With An SUV Sibling

S The Nissan Frontier is well-ripe for a redesign and the company says it’s finally coming next year. I wouldn’t expect Murano levels of futurism, but Nissan planning to prioritize styling while staying close to the current truck’s dimensions

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Kelis Serves a Soul Buffet From Space on Surreal, Tasty 'Food'

Release Date: April 22, 2014 Label: Ninja Tune Kelis has done a lot of (delightfully) strange things with soul music over the course of her career, from aggro-screaming “I hate you so much right now” over sugary Neptunes beats to examining motherhood from the perspective of a dance-pop cyborg. But Food may be her strangest move yet: it’s an album of vintage funk and old-school soul cooked up by the queen of unconventional, sometimes otherworldly R&B

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'Morgan Spurlock Inside Man': No bread, no pasta, no sugar, but wine is OK

When Morgan Spurlock shot to fame, he was gorging himself on McDonald’s three times a day to see what happens if he lived off only that — and he ate the largest size that workers pushed — in “Super Size Me.” In “Futurism,” airing Sunday, April 20, Spurlock focuses on those striving for immortality. Since shooting that episode, Spurlock has lost 25 pounds.

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Disco dystopia: what are the best apocalyptic albums?

This month sees the 40th anniversary of the release of David Bowie's Orwell-inspired Diamond Dogs. From Gary Numan's 'machine' phase to Janelle Mone's messianic android influenced by Fritz Lang's Metropolis here are some of the best end-of-days LPs This month sees the 40th anniversary of a transitional moment in David Bowies career: the release of the Diamond Dogs LP.

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Greenaway's New Exhibit Dramatizes Russian Avant-Garde

Timothy Misir / MTLarge screens scattered throughout Manezh show projections of historical figures played by actors, who move from screen to screen and interact. The Soviet Union in early 20th century, a time of social and political upheaval, was also an artistic utopia, and saw the interplay of suprematism, constructivism and futurism separate but connected art movements.

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Givenchy Red Calfskin Plaid Tyson High-Top Sneakers

After an abrupt voyage to its futurism theme, fashion house Givenchy is heading back to something more familiar in its Red Calfskin Plaid Tyson High-Top Sneakers. Adorned throughout in vibrant plaid patterns of red and brown, the all-leather footwear features a Velcro ankle strap, studded with 3D metal stars.

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News : LIVE: Julian Casablancas and The Voidz Showcase New Material at The Roxy

Last time Julian Casablancas debuted new solo material in Los Angeles, he played a four-night residency at the Palace Theatre downtown complete with resplendent moving backdrops and costume changes.

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FUTURISM CAUSE – vine – Video

FUTURISM CAUSE – vine In 1909, Futurism was developed in Italy as a reaction against so-called artistic “classics”. Futurists' intent was to liberate Italy from the weight of its .. (1) Continue reading →
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