Disco dystopia: what are the best apocalyptic albums?

This month sees the 40th anniversary of the release of David Bowie's Orwell-inspired Diamond Dogs. From Gary Numan's 'machine' phase to Janelle Mone's messianic android influenced by Fritz Lang's Metropolis here are some of the best end-of-days LPs This month sees the 40th anniversary of a transitional moment in David Bowies career: the release of the Diamond Dogs LP.

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Greenaway's New Exhibit Dramatizes Russian Avant-Garde

Timothy Misir / MTLarge screens scattered throughout Manezh show projections of historical figures played by actors, who move from screen to screen and interact. The Soviet Union in early 20th century, a time of social and political upheaval, was also an artistic utopia, and saw the interplay of suprematism, constructivism and futurism separate but connected art movements.

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Givenchy Red Calfskin Plaid Tyson High-Top Sneakers

After an abrupt voyage to its futurism theme, fashion house Givenchy is heading back to something more familiar in its Red Calfskin Plaid Tyson High-Top Sneakers. Adorned throughout in vibrant plaid patterns of red and brown, the all-leather footwear features a Velcro ankle strap, studded with 3D metal stars.

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News : LIVE: Julian Casablancas and The Voidz Showcase New Material at The Roxy

Last time Julian Casablancas debuted new solo material in Los Angeles, he played a four-night residency at the Palace Theatre downtown complete with resplendent moving backdrops and costume changes.

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FUTURISM CAUSE – vine – Video

FUTURISM CAUSE – vine In 1909, Futurism was developed in Italy as a reaction against so-called artistic “classics”. Futurists' intent was to liberate Italy from the weight of its .. (1) Continue reading →
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Mike Watt & The Missingmen, George Clinton, The Ex: this week's new live music

Mike Watt & The Missingmen | George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic | The Ex | London Philharmonic Orchestra | Charles Tolliver Quintet Cian Nugent & The Cosmos Continue reading…

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Italian Futurism – Video

Italian Futurism Download — http://bit.ly/1k4HYqJ Italian Futurism download audio book Hardcover kindle amazon mediafire zip rar pdf where are download 2014 online. By: neo lemon (1) Continue reading →
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Romanism and the Reformation – dispelling Futurism based on Prophecy – Video

Romanism and the Reformation – dispelling Futurism based on Prophecy Part 01 from the book read on my second Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH9vu9H69Fc feature=youtu.be Book read here: http://granddesignexpos… By: joggler66 (1) Continue reading →
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Public Service Broadcasting – review

Forum, London Embracing retro-futurism, this instrumental three-piece's flashes back to the 80s with its nostalgic, slightly over-the-top sampling What an oddity Public Service Broadcasting are: the trio (Mr B controlling visuals, Wrigglesworth on drums, J Willgoose Esq on stringed instruments and electronics) look like fans straight from a Doctor Who convention; and their music is entirely …

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Future-University Futurology Futures-Studies Futurism – The Big Thing (part 2) – Video

Future-University Futurology Futures-Studies Futurism – The Big Thing (part 2) all about futures-sciences to science-fiction. By: Roman Retzbach (1) Continue reading →
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Preterism, VS Futurism: The Key, Proof – Video

Preterism, VS Futurism: The Key, Proof Is Preterism the truth, or is futurism the truth. This video will give you the key to understanding the bible, and prophecy, and the book of revelation. By: Chase Jester (1) Continue reading →
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Future-University: Futurology + Futures Studies + Futurism = Futuring (part 1) – Video

Future-University: Futurology + Futures Studies + Futurism = Futuring (part 1) Future Reserach All about futures-sciences to science-fiction. By: Roman Retzbach (1) Continue reading →
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