Roger Tait Man Fall/Winter "Futurism" 2014 Collection – Video

Roger Tait Man Fall/Winter “Futurism” 2014 Collection Roger Tait Man Fall/Winter “Futurism” 2014 Collection http://malefashiontrends.blogspot.com http://facebook.com/MaleFashionTrends http://twitter.com/MaleFashTrends http://instagram.com/malemashion… By: Male Fashion Trends (1) Continue reading →
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Modernism, Constructivism, Futurism & The Bauhaus – Video

Modernism, Constructivism, Futurism The Bauhaus University of wales trinity saint david history of design material culture movie project. By: helen037 (1) Continue reading →
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Everything new is old

It was easy to become depressed after the lecture by Professor Leonardo Sonnoli at a conference marking the centenary of Futurism at Bezalel. The first reason was what Sonnoli had to say about the need to be familiar with the history of your field, in order to become a better designer – an issue that frequently seems no interest at all to the local design audience. The second reason was the examples Sonnoli presented when he spoke about the influence of Futurism on current typography and graphics

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How Futurism transformed the art world by worshipping technology – Video

How Futurism transformed the art world by worshipping technology How Futurism transformed the art world by worshipping technology. By: Dhara Jitesh (1) Continue reading →
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One Arc Degree – Futurism (Psychill, 2014) – Video

One Arc Degree – Futurism (Psychill, 2014) By: One Arc Degree – Under A Trillion Suns http://microcosmosrecords.com/one-arc-degree-trillion-suns/ https://www.facebook.com/microcosmosrecords Vasilis … By: Microcosmos Chill-Out (1) Continue reading →
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Collecting Art, Without Knowing What Kind of Art You're Collecting

The biggest holding of concrete poetry in the world sits in a Miami duplex,gathered by a couple who initially didn’t know what “concrete poetry” was.

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Free futurism from Deltron 3030 at the jazz fest

MONTREAL Deltron 3030, a hip-hop supergroup of sorts, will close out the 35th edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, organizers announced Wednesday. The trio, made up of Montreal turntablist and producer Kid Koala, rapper Del the Funky Homosapien and producer Dan the Automator, will perform a free outdoor show at Place des Festivals July 6 at 9:30 p.m. The group, which specializes in futuristic alt-rap sounds and concepts, released its self-titled debut album in 2000, then didnt release another until last years Event II.

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Innovation advice from Google X head: Ask how your solution can disappear into peoples lives

NEW YORK With a name like Astro Teller, youd better be ready to speak at length about the future. As the captain of moonshots at Google X, the search giants secretive lab for ambitious technology solutions, Teller is someone who lives and breathes futurism. At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference today, he gave the audience a primer on what makes Google X tick and faced criticisms of Google Glass head-on.

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One Arc Degree – Futurism [Under A Trillion Suns] – Video

One Arc Degree – Futurism [Under A Trillion Suns] http://shop.microcosmosrecords.com/album/one-arc-degree-under-a-trillion-suns-24-bit http://microcosmosrecords.com/ https://www.facebook.com/microcosmosrecor… By: The Psychedelic Muse (1) Continue reading →
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Francisco Ribera and the Origen of Futurism – Video

Francisco Ribera and the Origen of Futurism Monarchy of Israel 2 The Synagogue of Satan This video will briefly discuss the aspects of the origen of futurism and how this is the major theme of what is … By: jessevassil (1) Continue reading →
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