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Hello Trainers! When Pokemon Go first launched in 2016 it became evident very quickly that we were missing a lot of major features that we all were very used to having in the main series games. One of those features was the ability to change a move we didnt want to a move that we did. That functionality was eventually bestowed upon us in the form of fast TMs and charge TMs. Finally, we had a way to update the moves of our Pokemon, no longer would your perfect maxed out Gyarados be stuck with Twister as a charge move.

These new TMs came with a catch, they are completely random. For anybody whos ever felt the frustration of having to use multiple TMs to change a single move, its very clear that Pokemon Gos TM system is in need of a major overhaul. Dont get me wrong, having TMs is way better than not having them at all, and their introduction was a huge leap forward. However, with the upcoming Pokemon Battle League, the ever-growing PVP community and the increase in moves being introduced into the game the perfect time to overhaul the TMs in Pokemon Go is now.

So lets go through a few ideas, ways that Niantic could overhaul the way TMs work in Pokemon Go to make them more efficient, easier to use, and less hair-pullingly frustrating. Well weigh the pros versus the cons, my thoughts on the idea and then rate each idea with a ranking. If you need a refresher on how TMs currently work, check out our article about it here.

Lets get into it.

*Disclaimer These are all ideas that Ive collected through research throughout the internet, each idea Ive seen posted multiple times.

First, well talk about the moves that are regularly available under the current TM system. This excludes any Community Day exclusive moves, and any legacy moves.

Next, well talk about the moves that are not regularly available under the current TM system. These are moves trainers cant TM onto their Pokemon because they are what are called Legacy moves. Moves that Niantic has removed from a Pokemons move pool, or moves that were only available during a limited-time event such as raid days or Community days.

I think we can all agree, that pretty much any of the solutions Ive laid out here would be an improvement over what is currently in place. Some are much better than others, and each of them has their drawback. I dont think that anything that Niantic puts into place will make everybody happy, or solve all the problems the current system has.

Do you have a potential solution that I didnt list? Which of the ideas do you think is the best one? Do you have Pokemon that you wish had a legacy move?

Id love to hear your feedback on this subject in the comments, (and any TM horror stories as well). Hopefully one day Niantic hears our pleas and reworks the TM system. Until then, keep grinding those raids and as always, stay safe out there.


Time to move on: How to rework Pokemon Gos TM system - Pokemon GO Hub

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