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A poem I wrote last October that I thought I’d share with you this fine July day.


Swaying in these wide-open days …My heart is less a hammer than a thirsty August river seeking rain.It comes as a promise in the incurious chill-past-five,and in the peace, settled and exonerated.October is a space and a place and a sin.But she always keeps her word.

She no longer curses my name between oneever-swifter sunset and the next.Everything is painted with shadows of gold.It’s a stretch to that lonely plot from here,but, against all reason, ever easier.I tend it here–here amidst all the fluttering and floating and swaying.And suffering.

Central to the task of Heaven:unbrittling of the spirit.But these days are like hate heroin:the rage and anger and head-shaking disbeliefinjected into veins weakened to slag by too many shots already.I come up from the low more numb than the last, and evermore frail,like a glass that has been washed too many times.

My little corner of the world–my little lavender corner:may I offer you a prayer?Can I recover?Thinking isn’t enough.Thinking often is too much!When I shut up long enough,Eternity speaks, always much nearer to my skin than I deserve,and cold as starlight.


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Spirituality – reddit

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