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We need an Alberta voice in Ottawa. We need an Alberta voice that is bilingual, that speaks the language of business, and the economy, and of jobs, said Peterson. We learned in this last election that Canadians are asking us to do better. Be bolder. Be stronger and be more encompassing across the country.

He adds that having an increased voice for western Canada cant come at the expense of silencing the rest of Canada, but rather to unite the country for the common good.

I am the candidate that has the best chance of continuing getting our support in western Canada, getting support in Ontario and winning in Quebec, he claimed. At the end of the day, we want an Albertan in the PMO instead of somebody that doesnt understand our region as well.

This second run at the Tory leadership isnt one that he jumped at right away. He says if another Peace Country native would have put their name forward, he most likely would have stayed away.

(I) wouldnt be here today if Rona Ambrose wouldve run, said Peterson. Rona is a good, strong conservative, good Albertan, and if she wouldve announced, Id be right there knocking on doors for her.

Ambrose, who was born in Valleyview and served as the partys interim leader between Stephen Harpers exit in 2015 until Scheer took over in 2017, said in a statement last month that her advocacy for the energy sector and on sexual assault law training was her main focus now, rather than politics.

Peterson says the main platform in his bid surrounds around the elimination of corporate income taxes, slashing personal income taxes to a flat 15 per cent, as well as other policies to make Canada the boldest, best place to live in.

But, he adds the need to have a Western Canadian in the PMO is his biggest campaign driver.

We have to have a western Canadian voice in this leadership race, and thats the voice I am bringing on behalf of everybody in Grande Prairie and everybody in Alberta.

You can hear plenty more from EverythingGPs full interview with Peterson on his run at the Conservative leadership below:

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Peterson wanting to put Alberta back in the PMO - EverythingGP

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