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For an organization that has been under fire in many quarters over the past decade or so, the NCAA could well be another casualty of the current mess we find ourselves in today.

The COVID-19 disaster has already closed the athletic schedules of some smaller leagues (the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association is a prime example).

The MIAA action caused Finlandia University to cancel its fall schedule dealing the Lions football program what could be a telling blow. More on that later.

But now football players in some major conferences have indicated theyre reluctant to put their health at rick in what looks like a perilous climate this fall.

Players in the PAC-10 argued that there should be some sort of financial compensation for their efforts.

Now, players from the SEC and reportedly, the Big 10, are voicing similar complaints about their participation.

In the past, the NCAA has successfully sold the idea that college athletes are already receiving benefits for playing a game.

In an era where many athletes are opting to seek their fortunes in the pros before four years of college, that idea has lost much of its validity.

Virus outbreaks have already broken out in some college and professional training camps this summer.

Should the complaints get louder, the big conferences and the NCAA, could find themselves looking to closing entire seasons.

Regardless of what some misinformed people in Washington, D.C. are saying about the pandemic, there is a chance it could be with us longer than anyone anticipates.

The pros are making do so far with a combination of bubbles, isolated arenas, etc. But major league baseball appears to be fighting a losing battle with an alarming number of cancellations.

In the case of Finlandia, which has struggled to find a foothold in football in its first few seasons, the loss of another season could be fatal to recruiting and other factors in building a program.

No one has a clue as to what might eventually happen to sports in the future. And I surely dont

I dont claim to have any answers

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