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Playing in the tournament helps keep me connection to Kinston, he said. We lived right on the course (3rd hole) as well. Having my sons play with me also gives them memories of their grandfather. They hit golf balls with him just about every time they came to visit. Dad also was on the organizing committee for the first Foundation tournament.

Peterson said LCC briefly had a golf team in the late 80s. Dad was the coach. I believe Dr. Mac (Dr. Jesse McDaniel) was still the president and Dad talked him into it. He loved golf and he always was there to help kids out. He got to play golf doing this as well.

The late Guy Peterson began his career at LCC in 1972 as a counselor. He served as the director of the Evening Programs from 1984 to 1987 before becoming the director of the College Union/Special Assistant. Dad retired in 1989 but he continued to work with the school part time until the mid 90s, he said. He did whatever was needed - teach, audit classes, visit satellite locations, etc. Between doing that, volunteering with his church and civic organizations and taking care of my mother, he was busier retired than when he was working.

Education was obviously important to Dad. LCC was important to him. He helped students while working and while retired because he cared, he said. If I can continue helping students by participating in the tournament in his memory, I will continue this family tradition. I learned a lot from my Dad. He taught me by example to give ba

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Peterson family still swinging at the LCC Foundation Golf Classic - Neuse News

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