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With the Mets set to startRHP Michael Wacha (1-2, 7.41 ERA) Wednesday at 4:05 p.m. against the Orioles at Camden Yards in Baltimore, LHP David Peterson (3-1, 3.51 ERA) is available out of the bullpen.

Manager Luis Rojas revealed the move while laying out the Mets' starting pitchers for the next few games at Citi Fieldagainst the Yankees (Thursday) and Philadelphia Phillies (Friday through Monday).

"Tomorrow we have (RHP)Robert Gsellman starting against the Yankees at Citi Field and then Friday we will have (RHP)Rick Porcello," Rojas said.

Peterson, who turns 25 Thursday, was the Mets'No. 20 overall pick in the 2014 MLB Draft. Through five starts in 2020, Peterson struck out 20 and walked 11 over 25.2 IP.

"It's a today thing,"Rojas said of Peterson's bullpen move. "Moving forward, we'll definitely address where he's at -- if he's starting a particular game the next time around -- but as of today, in this game, he's ready to come out of the 'pen."

Gsellman (0-0, 5.19 ERA) and Porcello (1-4, 6.00 ERA) stay on track for the next two games.Rojas explained why, including a plan forRHPsSeth Lugo (1-2, 2.12 ERA) and Jacob deGrom (2-1, 1.76 ERA) as the Mets move forward.

"Porcello's going to be on the scheduled day, Friday, and then for Saturday and Sunday --we'll let you guys know where we are with when Seth and Jake's day is going to be, as far as those two days -- but that's Porcello's day,"Rojas said. "We've done our best to try to keep Porcello on his fifth day. When we had the stoppage, we didn't play for those five days, we're coming back from Miami that Friday, he was going to pitch. That got a little disrupted, to that Tuesday, but we've always kept Porchy on his fifth day and his fifth day is Friday. So that's what went behind it."

"That's the way we work with him," Rojas added ofPorcello. "That's where he operates and he clicks, from one start to another, and that's why we kept him on the five days. So for Porchy's routine and what he does in between starts and the five-day rotation, that's what we try to stay consistent with him, as far as that. So after that, then after Friday, we'll share what our plan is our as we get close to it. We can probably know tomorrow and then let you guys know what we have for Saturday and Sunday."

Rojas pointed to Peterson's "length" as a main reason why the Mets moved him.

"Well, right now, we have six guys that you can call they're stretched out to a point with Gsellman andLugo being stretched out to a point,"Rojas said. "And Peterson and Wacha threw on the same day last Friday. So there's nothing medical or anything that's going on right now with his shoulder. So one of the things that we're doing with Peterson there is just because he's doing to give us the length that we need. Length should protect our bullpen on a day like this.

"And then, at the same time, Peterson's a guy that can throw the ball really well for us. So he's going to be out there, he's going to competing to get outs and put us in a position for us to also win the game. So there's a lot that we can use and we also have Gsellman stretched out, he can start the game tomorrow and then we've got Porcello for us to follow as well. So have Peterson available there in the bullpen to do that, be the guy in that takes that role for today, Ithink it's huge for us."

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Depending on a specific usage,Peterson's plan could change by the time next week rolls around.

"It depends on the specific usage," Rojas said. "So if he goes today and he gives us the entire length that he has, and the amount of days that he needs in between to be ready, his next outing -- whether he's starting or whether he's going to be the length guy again -- that will dictate the pitch count to be up now. So just the availability to have him as the length, I think he's a luxury for us in this situation that we've been in the last week."

"He can be more than (a 40- or 50-pitch guy)," Rojas added. "He's stretched out to, like, 90 pitches right now. So it depends on what happens in the game, what's going on in the game. We'll use some of that length to put us in a position to win the game."

Wacha's leash is not necessarily shorter, but Peterson gives the Mets a long-relief option.

"The game will speak to us, how he's going, and then we'll determine what the move at the time we can make," Rojas said. "So he doesn't tell us strategically we're going to have a shorter leash or anything. Definitely want Wacha to go and throw his pitch limit out there and shut them down if he can.

"So there's not strategy to have a shortened outing and put in Peterson, to have both of them throw. So both -- Wacha' starting, Peterson is available, let's see how the game goes and then if you use those two guys and that's it, and we shut them down while playing those two, it's definitely something that can happen. But it's also -- our bullpen (is) there. If Wacha goes six or something, we've got to go seven, eight, nine (each), with some of the guys that we have as well."

Regardless of role, Peterson is ready to go.

"None -- like he is, like he's always,"Rojas said. "His first outing, his MLB debut -- same guy. He's just like, 'I'm ready.' It's just, 'Give me the ball whenever. I'm ready.' So he's in that demeanor. He wants to compete. He wants to get out there. So whenever, whatever way we need him -- he's ready."

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