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With all but essential services shut down in cities all over the world and racing events being cancelled or postponed, the Peterson Automotive Museum has the solution to your stay at home blues with virtual tours of its impressive collection. Live-streamed on YouTube, the regularly scheduled tours will take you through various parts of the collection not accessible to the public even during regular business.

The first tour into the Vault they lined up some of the celebrity and political vehicles in the collection as well as give an insight into how they're maintaining the cars during the shutdown. On the way to the regular display that includes the first bulletproof presidential limo viewers are treated to some of Steve McQueen's motorcycles.

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When you go to the Peterson website there is a page where you can sign up for the live stream of the tour. Once you put in your email address they'll send you a link and time for the live stream event where you can watch the tour in real-time and ask questions at the end of the tour. The museum is offering the virtual tours on a 'pay what you can' basis, but donations are not required.

In addition to the virtual tours, they are also offering educational programs aimed at elementary-aged children. These include classes on the principles of force and motion as well as history videos and even one on making balloon cars. Like the tours, there is no required donation. The Peterson Automotive Museum is scheduled to remain closed until April 19th.

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