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ZURICH, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / March 20, 2020 / Crownhealth, the producer of premium vegan sports nutrition products with cucumber extract, has announced the launch of Organic Bars, a game-changing product that is also one of the yummiest snacks someone can have.

Founded in 2014, right in the middle of the most picturesque setting in the world - the Swiss Alps, Crownhealth is on a mission to craft essential, active-life inspired nutritional products that are 100% free of additives, organic, plant-based, gut-friendly and backed by science. Crownhealth is a Swiss-based start-up that developed a disruptive premium vegan sports nutrition inspired by an active lifestyle and outdoor adventures using only top-quality natural ingredients.

Crownhealth's Organic Energy and Protein Bars are the newest products added to the company's already extensive line of swiss-made healthy snacks. These brand-new premium snacks are fully sustainable and are made with 100% natural ingredients and with no added additives. Crownhealth Energy and Protein Bars are the perfect solution for those who need instant extra energy, focus, and complete recovery, but don't want to compromise their health. Their organic formula based on premium quality organic superfoods contains cucumber (ACTIDO) and tomato extracts (NOOMATO), which have clinically proven significant endurance, strength, recovery and focus improvements. All their products are suitable for vegan and vegetarian because they are free from gluten, GMO, lactose, dairy, soy, and added sugar. Furthermore, the 100% compostable packaging, organic ingredients, absence of animal-derived additives, and carbon-neutral shipping, make these bars completely eco-friendly and sustainable.

Simona Ino, CEO of Crownhealth, says, "Our new drops energy and protein bars are delicious, healthy and fully sustainable, from the formula to the packaging, made only with 100% premium natural ingredients, and without any artificial stuff like additives. We craft the healthiest essential active life-inspired nutritional products, 100% free of additives, organic, plant-based and backed by science with no compromise on quality or health."

Made with 30g of carbs each, the Organic Energy bars provide an immediate healthy and delicious energy kick to anyone who needs to keep their stamina up and to feel satiated while working, studying, training or racing. Everyone that will try these delicious, healthy and natural snacks will boost their muscles with the cleanest energy before and during exercise and will reduce their fatigue and have their focus restored (thanks to nootropic action of Noomato).

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Packed with 11g plant-based protein and natural amino acids, the Organic Protein bars are the perfect anytime and post-workout snack. They are designed for endurance training, but their balanced and healthy formula is perfect for anybody, anytime. These easily digestible and naturally tasty bars compensate for exhaustion and satiate hunger. ACTIDO, Crownhealth's patented cucumber extract, is also clinically-proven to improve strength and speed up recovery time.

Crownhealth's Energy and Protein bars are the swiss-made support that gives anyone the energy they need for their everyday challenges, promoting the best nature and respecting the environment. Milo Zanecchia, Professional Photographer and outdoors adventurer, says: "During my exhausting shooting adventures, I need an instant energy boost to keep both mental and physical strength and complete recovery. I always carry with me Crownhealth Energy and Protein Bars: they are super convenient, highly digestible and, most of all, I love their great natural taste."

All Crownhealth products are vegan and additives free. They are powered by a one-of-a-kind botanical extract, out of cucumber, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, coming from decennial academic research and a rigorous clinical study, Actido. This totally natural active compound with proven efficacy improves performance, endurance, strength, and recovery thanks to its soothing efficacy.

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About Nootropics:

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that are said to improve cognitive function, memory, creativity, or motivation.

About Crownhealth:

Crownhealth is a Swiss-based start-up that develops functional nutritional products. Products are additive-free, eco-friendly, plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and have no added sugar.

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Crownhealth, The Premium Vegan Sports Nutrition Producer, Is Proud to Announce the Launch of Their New Organic Energy and Protein Bars - Yahoo Finance

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