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Here is how you can feel closer to limitless.

March16, 20205 min read

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My wife and I just had our firstborn child, so figuring out how to maintain high performance while on limitedsleep makes a ton of sense for me right now (there isnt enough coffee in Starbucks to keep me caffeinated).Andwhile we all want to walk around like Bradley Cooper in Limitless, operating at stunningly efficient levels in a state of total human optimization, the reality is, well, were human.

Everybody knows that great habits lead to better results if you're looking to change your habits. That means getting a good nights rest, eating healthyand having a positive attitude. Habits are important, given that 69 percentof American adults say that health care is a significant source of stress, according to a November 2019 survey by the American Psychological Association. Moreover, 56 percent reporting beingstressed over the nations political climate. Americans also dont get enough sleep. A 2018 survey by National Sleep Foundation found that only 10 percentof U.S. adults prioritize sleep over other daily activities. For people who have excellent sleep health, 90 percentsaid they are very effective each day.

A nutritious diet, ample rest and a positive outlook are what remindus thatwe can determine ourquality of life more than external stimuli or events beyond our influence. Here are ways to boost your performance at work and life in general.

Speaking of Limitless, increasing numbers ofpeople are taking supplements to ensure their mind and body can accomplish more. Smart drugs, or nootropics, are particularlypopular among individuals who seek an edge in daily performance. The global dietary supplements market will grow 7.8 percentannually to $195 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research, and North America leads the way as the largest market for these products. The market is driven by the hectic work schedules among working individuals coupled with fluctuations in diet intervals, according to the firms May 2019 report.

As we all know, a full day requires concentration, dedication and nutrition.AsMau Pan, co-founder of Nuoptimal, explains,Nootropics can be the catalyst to achieving greater productivity and happiness in your daily life. When taking the right combination of ingredients, they can boost work output and even promote long-term brain health." I agree.

Planning how you spend time leads to better results. More importantly, youre less likely to get overwhelmed by a chorus of tasks. Peak performance isnt possible when youre interrupted by emails, texts and social-media notifications.I like the Pomodoro Technique for staying on track. Its a time-management strategy created by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s that uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks of five-to-10 minutes. My preferred cycle is 40 minutes of work followed by 10 minutes of rest.

Everyone has 24 hours a day, but planning actually increases your productive time. By focusing on important tasks, youre able to reject less impactful and less meaningful activities. Think of it this way: Youre constantly saying no to alternative actions. If you choose unproductive activities, then youre saying no to working, to parenting, to running errands.

A January 2018 study by the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis (UMM) found that workers lose efficiency when they constantly switch from one task to another. Planning your day helps you to focus on the key task at hand until its finished. Our brains process tasks better one at a time, says the study'sco-author, Sophie Leroy, a former faculty member at UMM. Our brain truly tries to keep the interrupted work on our mind so that we dont forget about it.

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Interruptions lead to a downward spiral of frustrations, stress and ineffectiveness. Multitasking is destroying your ability for long, deep, cognitive thinking.Most of your distractions probably come from your phone and mobile apps, which steal an enormous amount of time, attention and productivity. Ive definitely felt, at times, an addictive tendency towards my phone, and I'm not alone. The average U.S. adult now spends three hours on their mobile devive each day. This study from Behavioral Health compares smartphone distractions to cocaine, suggesting startlingly similar side effects. Let that sink in.

This sounds somewhat counterintuitive, butI do enjoy a handful of mobile apps that help me focus and stay productive. Brain.FM is a cool one that gives you music that helps you focus, stay productive or sleep. Freedom is another one I like that lets you block any appor site that is a distraction.

The more time you spend on distractions, the less time youre spending on constructive acts. Dont let your smartphone make you dumb. Remove unnecessary apps so you can declutter your day and streamline your life, anddelete all notifications. And when working, set your phone to airplane mode.

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