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One of the big questions going into Westworld Season 3 was how Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) would be returning to the show, and the third episode of the seasontitled The Absence of Fieldoffered us our closest look yet at the host inhabiting this new Charlotte body.

If youll recall, Dolores killed Charlotte at the end of Westworld Season 2 inside the park, but not before Dolores created a new body that looked exactly like Charlotte. This is how Dolores escaped the parkshe had her fancy lil marble thingy loaded into this Charlotte body and walked right out. Charlotte didnt meet any resistance because shes an incredibly high-up executive at Delos.

At the beginning of The Absence of Field, we flash back to when this new Charlotte body was brought online by Dolores out in the real world. Not-Charlotte asks, Who am I? and Dolores says, You know who you are. Its confirmed that this is not Charlottethe murderous Delos executive is definitely deadbut Dolores put one of her friends fancy lil marble thingies into this Charlotte body so they could infiltrate Delos as part of Dolores grand plan.

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Throughout the episode, Not-Charlotte navigates her way around Charlottes real life, which includes an ex-lover and a young son. Shes trying to play the role of Charlotte Hale but also struggling with some severe identity issues. Whoever this is inside Charlotte is a bit fragile, and he or she is having trouble adjusting to trying to lead this double lifewell, triple life actually.

We learn at the end of the episode that Charlotte was the mole inside Delos all along. Before the massacre at Westworld, Charlotte came to Rehoboam co-creator Engerraund Serac (Vincent Cassel) to tell him that the massacre was a certainty (likely predicted by the algorithm Rehoboam/Incite) and that she could use it to smuggle out that sweet, sweet guest data that Delos has been collecting.

But the question remains: Who is the Charlotte Hale host? We dont learn the answer at the end of the episode, but we do learn a couple of key factoids: it sure sounds like he/she was part of Wyatt/Dolores army; he/she was good at hurting people, but also maybe good at seducing them too; he/she really hates humans.

So with that in mind, here are the three most likely candidates


Westworld: Who Is the Charlotte Hale Host? - Collider.com

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