Sean OShea: Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals August 2020 – JD Supra

8/1/2020: Maryland Court of Appeals on Social Media AuthenticationIn Griffin v. State, 419 Md. 343 (2011), the Maryland Court of Appeals found social media evidence must be shown to have not been subject to hacking or other manipulation.

8/2/2020: Relativity Integration PointsRelativity Integration Points (RIPs) assist with the import of data from third party systems into Relativity workspaces.

8/3/2020: Automapping with Relativity Integration PointsIntegration points will perform automatic field mapping between a workspace and the load file.

8/4/2020: excel macro to hide multiple ranges of rowsIt successfully hid more than 70 ranges in a few seconds.

8/5/2020: NIST Study on Facial Recognition Too Many False PositivesFalse positive results were returned far more often than false negatives, and the software exhibited different biases.

8/6/2020: Circuit Court Ruling on PACER FeesThe cost of digital audio equipment used for recordings of trials and other proceedings can be taken into account for PACER fees.

8/7/2020: Emojis and the LawThe Android Grimacing Face emoji got the reactions shown in orange on the below chart, but the Apple version of the Grimacing Face face emoji got the reactions shown in blue.

8/8/2020: Judges Agree: Limit the Number of Pages in Your BriefLet me add an incentive to the production of short and pertinent briefs. The longer you make your brief, the more likely that most of the pre-argument analysis of your case will be turned over to a law clerk who just finished the bar exam. Hon. Arthur L. Alarcon

8/9/2020: D.D.C. Ruling on Adequacy of Search by Navy[T]he reasonableness of the Navys search is buttressed by the fact that Carlborg has offered no suggestion as to where else the Navy might have looked for his records or what other search criteria should have been used. Carlborg v. Dept of the Navy, No. 18-cv-1881 (DLF), 2020 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 142543, at *13 (D.D.C. Aug. 10, 2020) (quoting Peavey v. Holder, 657 F. Supp. 2d 180, 190 (D.D.C. 2009)).

8/10/2020: NIST Guide to Media SanitizationThere are three methods of media sanitization: clear, purge, or destroy.

8/11/2020: Excel OLE action error explainedAn OLE action error message may be prompted if you click on a link to a PDF on a worksheet, and then try to OCR it.

8/12/2020: Enforce HTTPSAn admin can force visitors to a Relativity workspace to view it over HTTPS so that requests and responses are encrypted.

8/13/2020: Excels TEXT FormulaThe formula can easily convert a column of numbers of varying lengths into a standard format with a consistent number of digits.

8/14/2020: Getting a count of volume shadow copiesVSCMount is a tool that helps you check to see if volume shadow copies are available.

8/15/2020: Never Use However at the Beginning of a SentenceGarner instructs brief writers to never use however at the beginning of a sentence in order to indicate a contrast, and recommends using but instead.

8/16/2020: Mississippi Court of Appeals: Jury Must See Evidence Where Spoliation Unclear[T]he explanation for the original records absence may be fully satisfying either that it was lost through no fault of the [party], that the [party] deliberately destroyed it, or as in most cases, somewhere in between, thereby making it a jury issue. Murphy v. William Carey Univ., No 2018-CA-00910-COA, 2020 Miss. App. LEXIS 462, at *28-29 (Miss. Ct. App. Aug. 11, 2020) (quoting DeLaughter v. Lawrence Cty. Hosp., 601 So.2d 818, 824 (Miss. 1992)).

8/17/2020: 2 GB Text per DocumentRelativity will not process more than 2 GB of text for any single document. Such a document will generate an error that will cause processing to halt.

8/18/2020: Create htm file with linksUse this format:

8/19/2020: Simple File UploadRelativitys Simple File Upload tools allows users to load documents into a workspace without using the Relativity Desktop Client. No more than 100 documents can be loaded at a time.

8/20/2020: Making Relativity Desktop Client Work For YouDont miss that you can simultaneously import data into a single workspace using different instances of the Relativity Desktop Client on up to four different computers.

8/21/2020: Common email threading problemsAn embedded email link or attachment can cause email threading to be over inclusive.

8/22/2020: Separate email addresses with ; NOT ,Email addresses in the recipient and cc fields should be separated by semi-colons. If they are separated with commas, Relativity will read adjacent email addresses as a single address.

8/23/2020: regex from head on and from behindIf you want a regex search to find results from the beginning or end of every line start with (?m)

8/24/2020: District of Maryland Case with a Defendant Known Only By An IP AddressThe Court ordered the issuance of a subpoena to produce documents identifying the Doe subscriber.

8/25/2020: ALSPsThe past few years have seen a rise in the number of companies and law firms using ALSPs Alternative Legal Service Providers -which perform legal research; electronic discovery; and regulatory compliance.

8/26/2020: Excel worksheets that hide themselvesBeware of vba code that automatically re-hides Excel worksheets. Spreadsheets can be set to make a worksheet you unhid disappear again.

8/27/2020: Regex multiline wildcardUsing (?s) at the beginning of a regex search will let you search from in front and behind while also using a wildcard.

8/28/2020: DiffcheckerDiffchecker, is a free online tool that does a fine job of comparing differences between two text or PDF files. Diffchecker can also help you compare multiple versions of an image, allowing you slide back and forth between two versions.

8/29/2020: Florida Court of Appeal rules passcode protected by Fifth AmendmentThe Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal agreed with the Petitioner that producing the passcode would require him to disclose the contents of his mind and provide the State with incriminating information that would be used against him. Distilled to its essence, the revealing of the passcode is a verbal communication of the contents of ones mind.. Garcia v. State, No. 5D19-590, 2020 Fla. App. LEXIS 12232, at *8 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. Aug. 28,2020)

8/30/2020: finding duplicates with pythonYou can use a python script to find where there are duplicates in a character set.

8/31/2020: use code to generate list of links on a web pageRight clicking Inspect and entering code on the console of the Chrome browser will create a list of all links on a web page.

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Sean OShea: Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals August 2020 - JD Supra

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