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Former hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz is joining the ranks of Tim Draper, Charles Hoskinson and Ross Ulbricht and making some wild predictions about bitcoins price for the year 2020.

In a recent tweet, Novogratz commented that he thinks the worlds leading cryptocurrency by market cap will spike to $12,000 in the coming months. While $12K is certainly a fine number by most standards, it doesnt quite garner attention or interest the way the predictions of the other three might. Heck, $12,000 doesnt even come relatively close to $13,600, which was the peak price for bitcoin in 2019, so what should we be getting so excited about?

Men like Draper have long stated that the cryptocurrency would reach the $250,000 mark, only prior, he stated that it would do so in the year 2023. Now, hes moving his prediction forward by three years and believes that bitcoin will reach this figure in 2020 thanks to the bitcoin halving currently scheduled for mid-May.

However, Draper freely admits that he hasnt seen the technical charts in some time and is basing his thoughts and ideas on instinct more than legitimate data.

Ross Ulbricht and Charles Hoskinson are a little more modest in their 2020 predictions, but still feel that this is the year when bitcoin crosses the six-figure mark. Both men believe bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the time next year is out.

The biggest price prediction comes from antivirus mogul John McAfee, who has repeatedly claimed that bitcoin will potentially strike the $1 million mark in 2020.

So, at the end of the day, Novogratzs prediction is nice to see, but it doesnt tantalize our brains the way the other predictions do. In fact, Novogratz took to Twitter to share several predictions for the year, and it feels almost as if the one regarding bitcoins price was simply thrown in there at the last minute to keep his words relevant to crypto users.

Some of the other random predictions he made in the tweet was that Tom Hanks would win this years Oscar for best actor for his portrayal of Mr. Rogers in the movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. This would be interesting considering the film hasnt even garnered that much interest at the upcoming SAG Awards, which are usually a tell-tale sign of who will be nominated or who might be potential winners.

A win for Hanks would mark a third golden statue for the actor. He has previously won Oscars for 1993s Philadelphia, and 1994s Forrest Gump, and is one of the only performers to win consecutive Academy Awards (one after the other).

He also stated that the U.S. wrestling team will win three gold medals at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan Rather specific.

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Mike Novogratz Starts 2020 with a Simpler Prediction for Bitcoin - Live Bitcoin News

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