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Antivirus pioneer John McAfee who found himself at the centre of Central America's hottest manhunt in recent history. McAfee was named a "person of interest," but not a suspect, by police officials in Belize following the murder of his neighbor. McAfee went on the run for three weeks before crossing the border to Guatemala. Guatemalan authorities detained him soon after entry, and fighting against deportation to Belize. Has the security software guru become a gun-toting, paranoid killer who says strange things and bends reality? Is he a genius that has just saved America, while exposing one of the biggest scandals of all time? Or, has he just acted out the greatest mindgame of all time? Running in the Background (Working Title) It is the only official account, based John McAfee's personal diary, of the life and times of the man himself -starting from his childhood to running from his life in the most televised manhunt in history while revealing all unanswered questions and secrets. Written byImpact Future Media

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