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Astrologically, the new decade really doesnt start until the end of this year, on December 21. Every 20 years, Saturn and Jupiter meet. I have learned theyre happy to see each other. They set the tone for the coming 20 years, for culture, for fashion, for government, for literature, for the pace of our days, and our focus.

Jupiter and Saturn are important because theyre in the middle of the solar system. For the past 200 years, theyve always met in earth signs. It was Taurus, and Virgo, and Capricorn. This year, we have a name for it astrologers always call everything terrible namesits called the Grand Mutation. It sounds like the Ebola virus, but its not. Thats when theres a change in element. Saturn and Jupiter are going into air [signs]. Theyre aligning in Aquarius. It has a pretty huge effect on civilization.

The past 200 years, we saw the assembly line, the booming of manufacturing, and the industrial age. These are all earthy things, things you can buy, see, and touch. Now, when we move into the next 20 years where Aquarius is going to dominate, it will be the real flowering of the Age of Aquarius, like the 1960sflower power children. Its a lighter influence, a nonmaterialistic sign.

What Im really excited about is Aquarius likes to work in groups. To tackle big problems, like the environment, people will work across nations. It will no longer be, Well, the United States against France, against Germany, against China. No. These countries will work together in teams to tackle big problems that affect us all. Are the robots coming? Yes. But also, some very wonderful things with medicine.

Saturn, right now, is in Capricorn. Whenever you get a lot of Capricorn planets, you always get a conservative wind blowing through the world. You see it with Brexit, you see it here. In the late 80s and early 90s, there were a lot of planets in Capricorn. We had George Bush as president, and Ronald Reagan. We did in 2016, and Mr. Trump got in. With the next election, its sort of half and half, so its way too early to call. Its not destiny. People say, Whos going to win? I have no idea. We have to vote.

In 1982, Saturn and Jupiter met in an air sign. For the next 20 years, they were in air. Babies born in those years, from 1982 to 2000, those babies are going to lead the brigade into the future.


Predictions for the 2020s, From a Futurist, a Trend Forecaster and an Astrologer - Vogue

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