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Dumb Summon

Teslas Smart Summon feature, which lets cars navigate themselves in parking lots, isnt even out of beta yet. But Tesla owners are already using it in some mind-bogglingly stupid ways, Electrek reports.

In a video uploaded to YouTube account Dirty Tesla, a Model 3 owner tries to walk in front of his vehicle while the Smart Summon feature is activated. Luckily, the Model 3s cameras spot him the first time. On the second time around, the vehicle appears to almost roll over his toes while he approaches it from the cars blind spot.

This is and we nor Tesla should have to tell you this a bad idea.

In the release notes of Teslas Version 10 update,which includes the Smart Summon feature, Tesla points out that you are still responsible for your car and must monitor it and its surroundings at all times within your line of sight because it may not detect all obstacles.

Drivers are already reporting minor fender benders as a result of Summon. Twitter user David Guajardo even had somebody crash into his Model 3s bumper while he was Smart Summon-ing his vehicle in a parking lot. His insurance claim could turn into a real headache.

Other party thinks that I was actually driving because I ran to my car before he got out, he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

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Idiots Are Trying to Run Themselves Over With Their Own Teslas - Futurism

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