Freedom in the World 2020: Armenia and Artsakh rated as ‘partly free’ –

Armenia and Artsakh have been rated as partly free in a newreports published by the Freedom House

In the reports titled Freedom in the World 2020 A Leaderless Struggle for Democracy the Washington-based human rights watchdognotes that democracy is under assault around the globe, and the effects are evident not just in authoritarian states, but also in countries with a long track record of upholding basic rights and freedoms.

According to the report, countries that suffered setbacks in2019 outnumbered those making gains by nearly two to one, marking the 14thconsecutive year of deterioration in global freedom. During this period, 25 ofthe worlds 41 established democracies experienced net losses.

Armenias neighbor Georgia isalso ranked as partly free, while Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran are all labeledas not free.

European Economic Union MembersRussia, Kazakhstan and Belarus also have the not free status, whileKyrgyzstan is partly free.

Of the 195 countries assessed,83 (43 percent) were rated Free, 63 (32 percent) were Partly Free, and 49 (25percent) were Not Free.The share of Free countries has declined by 3percentage points over the last decade, while the percentage of Partly Free andNot Free countries rose by two and one points, respectively.

Freedom in the Worldis anannual global report on political rights and civil liberties, composed ofnumerical ratings and descriptive texts for each country and a select group ofterritories.

The 2018 edition coversdevelopments in 195 countries and 14 territories from January 1, 2017, throughDecember 31, 2017.

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Freedom in the World 2020: Armenia and Artsakh rated as 'partly free' -

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