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The process of integrating new systems into existing ecosystems is detailed, by its very nature. On todays installment of Service Logics Conversations from The EDGE, host Sean Heath spoke with Greg Crumpton and StrategITcoms Carrie Goetz to discuss the nature of an IT ecosystem and the challenges that present themselves during these implementations.

I think ecosystems is really sort of an oxymoron, right? We know that its an ecosystem, but people dont treat it that way. Budgets are still very much siloed. Theres still kind of a component where Facilities does their thing and IT does their thing, but nobody really treats it as a cohesive ecosystem, Goetz said.

One of the biggest keys to success, according to Crumpton, is getting everyone on the same page as early as possible.

You want to be there for that first conversation, so that you start setting expectations early, and youre also, while youre explaining those expectations, setting requirements. Youre finding out more and more detail, he said. Youre getting all that detail as you go to help build that formula right out of the gate that first time.

Outages are always preventable, but throwing additional redundancy at an outage is not always the best way to go, she said. If IT has done their job and they fail over to other sites, then you can minimize the impact of that outage. But, if you put all of your eggs in one basket and the handle breaks: youre going to be scrambling, right?

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Treating the IT Ecosystem as an Actual Ecosystem - MarketScale Industries

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