Singapore Launches SGGA To Create A Sustainable And Inclusive Ecosystem for Gaming and Esports. – IGN Southeast Asia

Earlier today the Singapore Games Association (SGGA) was launched with support from Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). The association aims to develop and sustain a gaming and esports system locally.

With hopes of putting Singapore on the world map when it comes to gaming and esports, the SGGAs foundation is to build a local gaming and esports industry. It is estimated that the video games segment in Singapore will reach US$130m in 2020 and US$138m by 2024, according to research by Statista.

Initial efforts of the SGGA were previously headed by the former Singapore Games Guild (SGG), which focused more on supporting Singapore based game devs. Now, with more support and collaborations with different entities, we can see the SGGA support not only gaming but also esports as well.

Among the initiatives that have been proposed by the SGGA include Singapore Esports. It aims to provide a holistic development for the esports scene besides positioning Singapore as the number one sport for international esports tournaments and events.

An upcoming event under SGGA that is coming this month is Gamescom Asia. Despite the pandemic, we can expect the event to still kick-off online. SGGA is gearing up to collaborate with the organizers of the event to showcase made-in-Singapore games.

For those who are interested in joining the SGGA to boost Singapores gaming and esports industry, SGGA will be launching its paid membership program in Q3 2020. Among benefits for those who participate include special rates and access to SGGA initiatives, including local and

overseas event participation, focus groups, networking opportunities, resources, training courses, and benefits through SGGAs partner network. This program is open to all companies registered in Singapore as well as Singapore-based individuals and freelancers.

Currently, the SGGA is also looking for people who are interested in contributing to the gaming and esports industry of Singapore as well as volunteers of different merits. You can find out more about the SGGA on their official website.

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Singapore Launches SGGA To Create A Sustainable And Inclusive Ecosystem for Gaming and Esports. - IGN Southeast Asia

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