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BEER-SHEVA, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MDClone, a digital health company, and the VHA Innovation Ecosystem, a division of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced a partnership to democratize data at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). The partnership will provide unprecedented, secure access to clinical data to better understand and improve the health of the more than nine million veterans it serves.

The VHA has long been at the forefront of healthcare informatics and the use of data to improve patient outcomes and drive operational improvements, said Ziv Ofek, Founder and CEO, MDClone. The selection of MDClones unique platform builds upon this tradition. With one of the largest medical databases in the world, the VHA requires enterprise scale tools to explore data, innovate, and improve patient care. MDClones dynamic environment will help VA staff deliver on their mission to provide the best healthcare services to Veterans across the U.S.

The VHA Innovation Ecosystem aims to empower a wider network of VHA clinical and operational staff to explore data and discover insights which can be used to impact the lives of veterans nationwide. MDClone worked closely on this initiative with Dr. Amanda Purnell, Senior Innovation Fellow at the VHA Innovation Ecosystem, who is part of the Care & Transformational Initiatives (CTI) in the VHA Innovation Ecosystem. This program is specifically focused on testing and refining innovative care models and transformational initiatives that can be meaningfully scaled to impact Veteran care.

By implementing the MDClone platform, non-technical users can quickly ask important questions, find answers, and take action - dramatically shortening timelines for quality improvement, innovation, and grass roots clinical research. The initial collaboration with MDClone will center around suicide prevention, chronic disease management, precision medicine, health equity, and COVID-19. For example, practitioners can tackle issues like suicide by identifying leading indicators and proactively intervening with patients most at risk.

Veterans privacy and health information will be protected through the use of synthetic data, a groundbreaking new technology from MDClone that surpasses traditional de-identification methods. Synthetic data will broaden access to clinical data and catalyze innovation across the VA. Synthetic data also has the potential to help the VHA collaborate with external agencies, healthcare providers, and industry.

To learn more about how the partnership between MDClone and the VHA Innovation Ecosystem is unlocking data to accelerate innovation, research, and quality improvement, visit

About MDClone

MDClone democratizes data, empowering clinicians, researchers, and executives to explore, discover, and collaborate to improve patients health. With MDClone, any user can ask and answer any question in real time. This paradigm shift is made possible by MDClones unique technology for organizing, accessing, and protecting the privacy of patient data. Founded in Israel in 2016, MDClone works with major health systems, payers, and life science companies in the U.S., Canada, and Israel.

About VHA Innovation Ecosystem

VHA Innovation Ecosystem advances care delivery and service through mission-driven innovation. The Ecosystems four portfolios, VHA Innovators Network, Diffusion of Excellence, NCi2I, and Care & Transformational Initiatives, are tasked with identifying and scaling innovations and best practices by empowering front-line employees.

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MDClone Partners with VHA Innovation Ecosystem to Provide Better, Smarter, Faster Healthcare to U.S. Veterans - Business Wire

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