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Curbing cyber threats is no more a story as a new online cybersecurity forum has been designed for government cyber professionals.

FREMONT, CA:A premier government technology solutions aggregator, DLT Solutions, and a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, CrowdStrike have teamed up to launch GovCybersecurityHub. It is an online forum that focuses on cybersecurity in the public sector, serving as a pioneering resource for cybersecurity leaders and practitioners. The forum is tasked to protect national security and networks in a growing and diverse threat environment.

The collaboration is entirely based on focusing on opportunities that help cybersecurity professionals within the government with the needed information and resources. This helps the information and resources stay on top of the latest cybersecurity trends with protection against the advancement of evolving cyberthreats. The GovCybersecurityHub helps cybersecurity professionals navigate through the available cybersecurity tools to eradicate cyber threats.

The GovCybersecurityHub provides information about new cybersecurity trends, technologies, regulations/mandates, and approaches. This information helps in making networks, devices, and applications more secure, covering the governance and policies that are being implemented to keep government and citizens' data safe. DLT Solutions has found mention in the list of Top 20 Red Hat Solution Providers by CIOReview. DLT Solutions is an aggregator of premier government technology solutions, accelerating public sector growth for technology companies in the federal, state, and local, healthcare, education, and utility markets. The company adds value by helping its public sector clients make smarter technology decisions by providing access to a strong network of channel partners and through an extensive portfolio of over 40 in-house contract vehicles. DLT Solutions is changing how the cyber threat was dealt with, with the new GovCybersecurityHub.

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Is Cyberthreat-Free Ecosystem A Soon-To-Be-Reality? - CIO Applications

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