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Initially announced at Devcon 4 in 2018, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys, one of the worlds largest blockchain companies, building the tools, infrastructure, and apps that power the Ethereum network created a $550,000 grant fund to be distributed to projects building out the Ethereum ecosystem.

ConsenSys Grants funds open-source projects that benefit the greater Ethereum ecosystem. Projects supported include critical areas such as core infrastructure, improved developer tooling and UX, security, and access to knowledge for developers, users, and social impact projects.

Since 2019, the ConsenSys Grantsprogram has funded 25 projects in total.


Ecosystem Growth:

Usability + Dev Tooling:



Usability + dev tooling

Social Impact

Education + technical knowledge

Sigma Prime is extremely grateful for the support received from ConsenSys. This grant helped us scale the Lighthouse development team, allowing us to hire and retain amazing talents. Were proud of all the progress achieved over the past few months, with Lighthouse becoming a leading Eth2 implementation. The funding received from ConsenSys is instrumental to reaching our goals. Mehdi Zerouali, Director, Sigma Prime

ConsenSys Grants is more than the money; it helped the team understand its on the right track, and gave community validation. A great tool for showing community that this is a step in the right direction. Yoav Weiss, CTO, TabooKey (Gas Station Network)

Girls are coming out of the program so well-rounded, educated, and being able to compete in the blockchain space. They are telling their story through the communities that they serve. It has been awesome. And provided them a platform to be invited to the blockchain ecosystem. Ewurabena Ashun, Curriculum Management & Development , Black Girls Code

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ConsenSys Grants funds third cohort of projects to benefit the Ethereum ecosystem - CryptoNinjas

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