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The shift from on-premise environments to the cloud is happening at a tremendous pace. However, once enterprises move their data to the cloud and make it available to their business users, they face several challenges, such as performance slowdowns and an explosion in cloud costs. Thats because, in a typical business scenario, when the data is available across the enterprise, a large number of users begin to run complex analytical queries. Now, if each query needs to scan billions of rows or do joins, group by, or other computations at runtime, it consumes a lot of resources.

The problem escalates further as data volumes rise and usage increases. Queries become slower and more expensive, and you can soon run into unconstrained costs. The question now is how to build a future-ready BI ecosystem on the cloud that delivers high-performance for users across the enterprise while still controlling costs.

An innovative way to overcome these challenges and perform interactive analysis on the cloud is topre-aggregate data and build OLAP cubes directly on your cloud storage or data warehouse. Once these cubes are built, queries can be served directly from the cube, and you dont have to go back to the data warehouse to process the information.

However, this cannot be achieved using traditional OLAP solutions as they can neither sustain the scale of modern data workloads nor fit in the cloud ecosystem. To solve this, Kyvos has developed a cloud-native OLAP technology Smart OLAP that can not only deal with todays data but scale effortlessly for future data requirements.

The Four Pillars of Smart OLAP Technology

Designed for the cloud, Smart OLAP leverages the native elasticity of the cloud to build cubes on extremely large datasets and then stores them on the cloud infrastructure itself. So, now when the query comes in, there are two advantages:

Watch this 4-minute video to learnhow Smart OLAP transforms BI on the cloud

For the business user, the experience is seamless and transparent. They can get their hands on huge amounts of data at the granularity they need, with the response times they are looking for, without the added cost burden. Another key advantage is that they can plug-in their existing BI tools to these cubes and perform interactive analytics in a familiar environment.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Smart OLAP combines the power of scalable data platforms with OLAP-based analytics, making it easy for you to build a cost-effective, high-performing BI ecosystem on the cloud.

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Building a Cost-Effective, High-Performing BI Ecosystem on the Cloud - Datanami

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