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While most students are busy enjoying their summer break, about 50 Stillwater Public Schools students chose to actively pursue credit recovery in English, math or social studies at Lincoln Academy.

Students, who range from incoming sophomores to soon-to-be graduates, had four weeks to retake a course or two they failed for one reason or another.

The self-paced program, which started May 30 and ends Thursday, allowed students to work through the coursework once credit at a time.

Katie Carlisle, 19, is thankful SPS provides this service for students.

It gives people an opportunity to redeem themselves, she said.

Carlisle failed Algebra II her senior year at Stillwater High, but was able to walk at graduation last month.

Students who are short two or fewer credits are allowed to walk at graduation, Trent Swanson, principal at Lincoln Academy said Tuesday. Two students that walked at graduation participated in credit recovery.

Carlisle will be taking her last Algebra II tests Wednesday.

If I pass the tests, Ill get my diploma, Carlisle said. If I dont pass, I dont know what Ill do.

She plans to continue her studies at Meridian Technology Center this fall where she is studying information technology.

One day she hopes to be a computer forensic investigator.

Also participating in the credit recovery program wash Nick Warne, 15, who was busy working on his last freshman English assignment on Tuesday.

He struggled with the course the first time around.

When the work got harder, I just slacked off, Warne said.

He is enjoying the format at Lincoln Academy.

I like to work at my own pace, Warne said.

Hes not sure if he will attend Stillwater High or Lincoln Academy next year for his sophomore year but he knows he wants to graduate.

Warne hopes to attend culinary school in Colorado and become a chef.

A huge dream of mine is to own my own restaurant, Warne said.

Warne and other students got help along the way from Aaron Frisby, a Lincoln Academy teacher.

I believe in self-paced learning, Frisby said. It is the way we do it here at Lincoln.

He said students read the novel Anthem, by Ayn Rand as a class and have recently been working on their writing.

Students attend class Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m.-noon and are offered a meal from the district each day. The are also given a weekend food bag courtesy of First United Methodist Church.

Swanson said the program is a great way to help students and that he has heard positive feedback from parents.

Im also appreciative of teachers for giving up time in the summer to help kids recover credits, Swanson said.

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Working toward graduation: 50 SPS students participate in credit recovery program - Stillwater News Press

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