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Progressives must reclaim the tradition of Thoreau, Gandhi and King and deny the right the moral high ground

A Democratic candidate has already thrown his hat into the ring to oppose the House Speaker

Despite promises to the rural working class, the Republican Party is still under the influence of Rand's elitism

No, Donald Trump hasn't really read "Atlas Shrugged." Sad! But he's surrounding himself with Ayn Rand superfans

The value-neutral media "ideal" has left us with a society drained of kindness and mutual responsibility

My father believed in two things, which deeply informed his parenting: making money and doing whatever he pleased

The HBO show's creator may or may not be a Randian, but a version of her philosophy runs through his body of work

Carl Barney has run a lucrative nonprofit education empire under the principles of the libertarian figurehead

The Uber model just doesn't work for other industries. The price points always fail -- and that's a good thing

Yesterday, the House Speaker apologized for calling America's impoverished "takers." But he hasn't changed a bit

Snyder working on an adaptation of Rand's novel makes perfect sensejust look at his body of work VIDEO

John Boehner is laying the groundwork for a "Draft Ryan" campaign at the GOP convention. The whole thing is absurd

Values voters, Tea Party conservatives, faux-populists grifting for book deals and Fox spots -- meet today's GOP

Fans feel "so betrayed" seeing the "Star Wars" heartthrob in an "Atlas Shrugged" shirt

The brilliant critic Evgeny Morozov discusses the myths Silicon Valley tells about itself, and why we believe them

The most effective ways to expose their contradictions and faulty logic

A stern, serious Krugman says anyone who doesn't believe the GOP's real gold standard fervor is deluding themselves

Freedom now means winner-take-all capitalism, and it's slowly morphing our political system into a plutocracy

We've been a fed a myth about heroic individuals -- and that allows the 1 percent to prosper at everyone's expense

The Wisconsin congressman may be a radical, but he's also a product of the insider cronyism the Tea Party abhors

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