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Logistics and AI The Future of Transportation Management Systems

A successful transportation management strategy can be the difference between insolvency and maximized profits. Moreover, Operations headaches and bothersome, persistent bottlenecks can bog down an otherwise homogeneous logistics environment. The Logistics Expert System (LES) is a substantial leap forward in the evolution of Transportation Management Systems (TMS). Expert systems that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) have already proven critical to the operation of finance and healthcare infrastructures. The ability to emulate the decision-making ability of human experts as quickly as the data can be gathered has revolutionized these industries. So too will logistics be disrupted by these amazing technologies both now and in future iterations of transportation management strategies that leverage AI.

To identify problems and patterns, analyze better alternatives, and react on-the-fly to changing conditions, expert systems with AI today represent a competitive edge. Before long, such means will surely become standard business best practice for logistics operations. One in the logistics arena would be wise to stay abreast of the state-of-the-art concerning these notable developments.

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Transportation Management System (TMS) | Teknowlogi

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