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TMS Engineering, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality engineering and consulting services available to our clients while meeting schedule and budget requirements. Through our almost 30 year history, we have successfully upheld this commitment to our clients.

TMS has developed a philosophy and approach to engineering and design that we believe is the most efficient and cost effective for the client. In an effort to make the project a success, TMS makes every effort to understand the project objectives, not simply the engineering objectives. With this information, we can make the most informed and smart decisions during the design phase that will promote a successful project, not just a good engineering package.

Whether working in the preliminary phases of a project such as project scope and cost estimate development, or in the detail design phase, or in the execution phase of the project providing scheduling and planning, project management, or construction management, the staff at TMS Engineering has proven to add value with our practical project approach and hands on philosophy for engineering and consulting.

First and foremost, our emphasis is on quality of service. For large projects or small, TMS Engineering will constantly strive to achieve our ultimate goal:

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