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Theres a lot to miss during a pandemic. Parties, movie theaters, licking strangers faces. But as another 3 day weekend rolls around, were mourning the loss of vacation. All we ever wanted? Yes. Have to get away? We wish. And while plenty of people are still traveling, Labor Day weekend is poised to become another COVID-19 hot spot holiday.

So what can we do, other than fill our living rooms with sand and turn our bathrooms into a swimming hole (dont do either of these, your landlord will be FURIOUS). We can take a virtual vacation via our favorite films and television series. We asked the TMS crew about their favorite cinematic vacation spots. From small towns to picturesque countrysides, weve got your streaming travel guide at the ready:

Jessica Mason:

The movie that always makes me want to travel is French Kiss. At first it seems like a travel disaster movie, what with poor Meg Ryan stranded in France with no bags or room or fiance, but it makes Paris and France look so welcoming, warm and beautiful. It truly captures the spirit of traveling where you discover something unexpected, authentic and truly unique along the way. Also, Kevin Kline is perfect and he can teach me how to taste wine any day.

Vivian Kane:

Ive been doing a Schitts Creek re-watch lately and Ive been amazed all over again by just how far the characters end up coming by the end of the series. Id forgotten that most of season one is about presenting the Rose family against the kooky backdrop of Schitts Creek and letting their snobbery run wild. But the Roses arent in this town for a mere vacation and eventually, as anyone whos done extended travelling or made a big geographical life change has probably experienced, the town becomes a part of their DNA. When Schitts Creek stops being just a backdrop and starts forcing the characters, unbeknownst to them, to start developing radical empathy towards themselves, their family, and their town, is when the show really becomes magic.

Kaila Hale-Stern:

The most recent movie about a vacation and traveling that I enjoyed the hell out of was Total Recall. I revisited the science fiction classic for the first time since childhood and had a great escapist time. Thats what Arnold Schwarzeneggers regular Joe character is trying to do when he signs up to have a virtual vacation to Mars, which has long fascinated him. But the vacation procedure takes an unexpected turn, leading him to go on a mission to the real Mars. Or is it all still in his mind?!

Rachel Leishman:

LOST is, surprisingly, a comforting show. Maybe because I watched these characters try and leave the island (and then return) when I was in high school? But whatever it is, I love to watch the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 try and survive. Maybe LOST is why Im terrified of flying?

Chelsea Steiner:

Okay, no one wants to get eaten by a velociraptor, but hear me out. If someone told you there was a theme park with living dinosaurs, wouldnt you want to go? And if were going to O.G. Jurassic Park, technically the dinosaur breakout hasnt happened yet. What Im saying is, I want to lie on a breathing triceratops and cuddle those freshly hatched dino babies. Sure, things get dicier in Jurassic World, but at least there are margaritas!

Where would you go on your fictional vacation?

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The TMS Round-Up: Our Favorite Cinematic Vacation Spots - The Mary Sue

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