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After the current market exceptional granted by FIFA and where there are still some leagues such as the French and Dutch, they have not yet notified the period for this imminent summer market; FIFA is already working on the dates of the transfer windows for the next summer of 2021.

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Thats why that the highest international body has just notified the national federations of the deadline to present them. Textually, FIFA urges all federations that proceed to enter the TMS the two annual registration periods that they have established for next year, that is, from January 1 to December 31, 2021. In it, in addition to the window of the summer of 2021 they must ratify the winter market with which it starts next year.

And the date to do so ends at the end of this month. According to the same writing, they must do so before the next September 1 or, in the event that the current season of their federation ends after that date, immediately after the last day of the current season.In case the start and end dates of the registration periods of the female competitions differ from the male ones, the federations may establish different registration periods for their male and female competitions.

According to FIFA regulations, The start and end dates of the two enrollment periods and the season must be communicated through the TMS at least twelve months before they take effect. Therefore, your federation must enter into the TMS all applicable enrollment periods until December 31, 2021.

Regarding the dates of the registration periods Please note that as a general rule, the first enrollment period will begin after the end of the season and end before the start of the new season. This period should not exceed twelve weeks. This market will also be conditioned by the celebration of the European Championship.

The second enrollment period will begin mid-season and will not last more than four weeks. When establishing the registration periods, special attention should be paid to the end date. In the event that it coincides with a public holiday or non-working day in your country, the duration of said registration period cannot be extended to the next business day if, due to the planned extension, the duration of the period in question exceeds the established limit. .

If a federation does not define registration periods for womens competitions, the periods indicated for mens competitions will apply to womensIn the event that federations do not notify their federations enrollment periods in the TMS before September 1, 2020, FIFA may fix the dates of their federations periods.

On the other hand, FIFA has also requested the federations that for this same date of September 1 rank your clubs in terms of training compensation, classifying them into different categories and according to the investments made by each club in the training of young players.

The specified category will only be reviewed at the start of the season and it will be valid for that season. The federations may not change the category of the club during the season in question.

In case of not complete in the TMS before September 1, 2020 the categorization of its affiliated clubs, your federation could be exposed to the opening of the corresponding file for non-compliance.

Spanish clubs they are within the UEFA that includes four club categories. Thus, the first category clubs start from an indemnity of 90,000 euros, which drops to 60,000 in the second category, leaving 30,000 in the entities of the third and 10,000 in the clubs of the fourth. The Spanish League includes all four categories. It will now be the RFEF that notifies FIFA in category are each of them.

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September 1, deadline to present the transfer markets of the summer of 2021 - Explica

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