project44 and BluJay Solutions announce new partnership with a focus on visibility – Logistics Management

Chicago-based project44, a technology services provider offering standardized, secure Web service API (application programming interfaces) integrations enabling 3PLs and shippers to connect with carriers in real time, and BluJay Solutions, a provider of supply chain software and services, said this week they are partnering up in a move geared towards helping shippers to optimize supply chains across various verticals in North America and Europe.

The companies said that this partnership will mesh BluJays multi-tenant, cloud-based TMS with project44s global multimodal network, data security system, and data cleansing and normalization capabilities. And they added that with a native integration to the BluJay TMS platform, supply chain stakeholders gain the ability to make smart, real-time decisions based in high-fidelity data and predictive analytics across the transportation value chain.

Were excited to partner with BluJay, as they work with many of the world's most progressive shippers and logistics service providers, said project44 Head of Global Network Partnerships Tommy Barnes, in a statement. Both companies obsess over their customers and have similar outlooks on the future of logistics and transportation. The alliance between project44 and BluJay will help create a more connected ecosystem, and unmatchable value for our shared customers.

And Thomas Deakins, project44 VP of Global Alliances & Channels, told LM that the important driver for this partnership is shippers' and logistics service providers' urgent need for Advanced Visibility into their key transportation processes.

Companies need this Advanced Visibility if they hope to optimize their supply chains and deliver customers the low-cost, fast, and highly transparent delivery of goods that, thanks to the Amazon-effect, they now expect, he explained.

As this partnership shows, market leaders, like BluJay, are choosing project44 as their Advanced Visibility partner because of the quality of our data and our industry-leading global carrier network.

When asked what the main benefits of this partnership are for shippers, Beakins said that BluJay customers will benefit from better supply chain visibility, thanks to their ability to now access insights generated from project44's global, multimodal carrier network, high-fidelity data and predictive business intelligence.

In particular, project44's carrier network, the largest of any visibility provider, will bring value to BluJay's customersboth due to the network's existing real-time connections to thousands of carriers worldwide, and our ability to rapidly onboard new carriers onto the network with our intuitive Network Management Center, he said. By using project44's high-fidelity data, BluJay TMS customers can act on valuable insights in real time to optimize spend and improve processes.

In terms of the competitive advantages this partnership can create, Beakins cited how project44s recent Delivery Economyreports show how consumers and business customers have less and less patience for delivery experiences that don't meet the standard set by industry leaders like Amazon.

And taking that step further he noted how through this partnership, BluJay customers will be able to know exactly where their inventory is, and what condition it's in, during every step of its journey.

This Advanced Visibility will enable these companies to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve shipping performance, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage by cost-effectively delivering more Amazon-like delivery experiences to their customers, he said.

David Landau, Chief Product Officer, BluJay Solutions, said in a statement that the partnership between BluJay and project44 is off to a great start.

We already have joint customers seeing the value that advanced visibility combined with best-in-class transportation can provide, he said. As we continue to expand our network and high-quality data grows in importance, this alliance will enable our customers to streamline operations and provide top-notch service to their customers, too.


project44 and BluJay Solutions announce new partnership with a focus on visibility - Logistics Management

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