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With a 40-year track record, TMS is a Top 10 Carrier in Mexico

Fr8Hub announced a partnership with Transportes Monroy Schiavon (TMS), one of the leading asset-based carriers in Mexico. TMS, is in operation for more than 40 years in Mexico, and is planing to expand their shipping operations to and from the United States by leveraging Fr8Hubs digital cross-border freight marketplace. As well, TMS extensive trucking fleet will immediately become part of Fr8Hubs carrier network, making their fleet of trucks available to match with shippers loads throughout Mexico.

TMS has regularly been recognized as Best Carrier by Walmart Mexico, and received a Service Excellence Award for Large Carriers by Ryder in January 2019. Fr8Hubs digital freight marketplace directly matches cross-border shippers throughout Mexico and the domestic United States (to and from border cities) with available carriers and drivers.

Fr8Hubs cross-border expertise will help us completely revamp our shipping operations into the United States, said Raul Monroy, Owner and General Director, Transportes Monroy Schiavon. In addition, working with Fr8Hub will provide our shipping customers with unprecedented visibility for loads while out in transit.

Fr8Hubs digital freight marketplace is integrated with fleet and driver IOT devices to synthesize and analyze together large amounts of data on each fleet and shipment, providing 24x7 visibility on shipment location and timing. Shippers and carriers can access this critical data through the Fr8Hub Control Center to make timely, actionable decisions on loads, optimize their operations and reduce costs.

The partnership with TMS is a win-win: we have the platform and they have the trucks, said Ohad Axelrod, Co-Founder and CEO, Fr8Hub. TMS prestigious history and reputation as a trusted carrier for the biggest brands will be a tremendous asset for Fr8Hub as we continue to expand our services in Mexico.

Fr8Hub is focused on cross-border shipping, providing flexibility, visibility and simplicity for the once-complex process of international over-the-road (OTR), cross-border shipping.

Since we launched in Mexico in June, our customers there cite Fr8Hub as their competitive advantage in finding reliable, available freight options with speed and efficiency, said Laura Mandujano Valds, Mexico country manager, Fr8Hub. Adding TMS to our network certainly adds to that credibility.

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Mexican carrier TMS partners with Fr8Hub - American Journal of Transportation

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