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As the release of the much-awaited Science-themed anime gets nearer, its followers are getting excited since there are a lot of things to anticipate. It was already revealed that Dr. Stone season 2 is set to feature the Stone Wars arc, and now more details about it have been disclosed.

In any case, this Japanese animation was renewed not long after the finale of the first season aired. It is clear that Dr. Stone is a big hit; thus TMS did not think twice about ordering for a second season to be made immediately.

Spoilers - What to expect

When the renewal was announced, it also provided a bit of teaser as to what can be expected in the upcoming new season of Dr. Stone. Aside from sharing about the new arc, there were also scenes that showed the lead Senku and his friends, General and Chrome, doing a fist bump.

The three also made a pact to stay and keep fighting together, perhaps, until they win over all their enemies. Now, in the latest trailer that was unveiled by TMS Entertainment earlier this month, more spoilers for Dr. Stone season 2 were shared.

In the first teaser, it was not shown who Senku and his group are set to fight, but in this new video, it was confirmed that the opponent is still Tsukasa and his empire. With the non-believers in Science as their rival, the battle has been called the Kingdom of Science! All forces advance!

It means that this will be a war that will be Science against the use of force from Tsukasas empire. Surely, Tsukasa and his army will fight using bare hands and traditional tools while Senkus team who has been preparing for this battle since season 1 will be attacking with their advanced gadgets, weapons, and simple strategies based on Science.

The first season was released with a total of 24 episodes and the same is expected for the second installment. Also, it was teased that Senku will also build a new civilization while also trying to solve the mystery of petrification. On the other hand, Tsukasa will also form a new kingdom in Stone Wars.

Release date

The exact release date for the next installment of Dr. Stone was not stated. However, based on TMS new poster, this anime is coming in January 2021. Check out the trailer below:

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'Dr. Stone' season 2 spoilers: TMS drops new teaser and here's what it revealed about Senku and the 'Stone Wars' arc - EconoTimes

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