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DENVER, June 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Asset-based digital freight broker Archerhub today announced the availability of the ALVUS Carrier TMS, designed to help its network of carriers automate time-consuming back-office operations and focus on the growth of their businesses.

ALVUS (Archerhub Logistics Value Utilization Solution) features AI-enabled technology designed to automate back-office accounting and management operations, streamlining the manual processes that take away from business development and growth activities. In addition, ALVUS cloud-based collaborative dispatch management platform is designed to bring main stakeholders together and collectively execute the best dispatch option possible regardless of office and truck location.

Small and midsize carriers want to make the best operational decisions but often lack the proper tools to compete with mega-carriers, said Nick Darmanchev, founder and CEO of Archerhub. We get itas a fleet owner myself, I am keenly aware of the challenges that owner operators face in getting bogged down with admin and process. ALVUS was developed specifically to help streamline those processes.

For example, ALVUS can automatically issue permission for trusted drivers to issue their own comchecks or EFS checks for a lumper via the drivers mobile application. When the driver issues a comcheck, the right journal entry is registered on the accounting ledger which releases the accountant from entering a manual journal entry, all while freeing the dispatcher from engaging with the driver about the lumper.

With ALVUS TMS, carriers can book loads, upload the bill of lading and proof of delivery, issue comchecks that auto-populate to the balance sheet and create pay stubs automatically, continued Darmanchev. Automating these processes will help carriers free up dispatchers to work smarter and faster.

ALVUS TMS features:

Learn more about ALVUS TMS HERE.

Archerhubs digital marketplace for truckload freight connects shippers and carriers through Archerhubs mobile app or online platform, providing instant quotes, full transparency, real time visibility, and automated customized reports.

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Archerhub Launches ALVUS TMS to help Carrier Partners Grow their Businesses - GlobeNewswire

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