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Hey Christina and Vera, I love everything you guys do with your work and the great comforting Messages you guys share. Angus answered a question I had a while back that really helped me change my life for the better and gave me a better understanding of my life's purpose and what I need to do to change it. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank him and you guys. You're both so amazing in what you do individually. God bless both of you. With much loving regards.

- Eric

Holy Cow, I just got done listening to you and Christina! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I LOVED it! You guys Rock! And of course a big Thank Youto Angus! You definitely answered my questions to a T! Sweet! This yet another Spiritual Jackpot win!

-Tracey M.

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Together we are a Psychic Medium, Hypno -therapist, Angel Expert and Spiritual Artist.We have united our experience, knowledge, and skills inSoulsEnlightenmentas a fully comprehensive spiritual source from which to gain healing for the soul, and achievements for life!

Souls Enlightenment is founded by twowomen with combined 50 years of experience in: past life regression, cell memory, hypnosis, angel expertise, spiritual counseling, motivational speaking and teaching spiritual classes.

Past Life Psychic Readings, SpiritualPhilosophy & Art for the Soul


Souls Enlightenment - Official Site

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