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Best Places To Travel For Spiritual Enlightenment Our planet is full of life and color. It is beautiful and filled with different energies. Therefore, there are certain places that have special energy fields. These places with strong energy fields are important for those who seek spiritual enlightenment. In these places every spiritual practice is more intensified. So, lets see which are the Best Places To Travel For Spiritual Enlightenment.

Rila (Bulgaria) it is a very well known energy center of the planet. This mountain range is surrounded by a strong energy field. This strong energy can be sensed by those who are more sensible or more awaken spiritually. The strong energy of Rila is the cause why one of the most awaken spiritual master of the last century, Beinsa Duno, started to transmit his teaching here. If you have the opportunity, spend a few days or even weeks in this place. Many people experienced enlightenment, revealing dreams and psychic abilities.

Uluru (Australia) it is the energy center of Australia. Many legends exist about the plateau. Different tribes used Uluru as source of energy for centuries. Their stories about the plateau are even visible on cave paintings from the area. This beautiful plateau is also called Tiukurpa, which means Dreamtime. This place has very strong energy.

Peak Kailash (Tibet) it is another energy center of the planet, and even the world. This place is sacred not only in Buddhism, but also in Hinduism. Both religions believe that the tip of the mountain is the home of the gods. This place is very powerful. It fills you with calmness and peace. It is a great place to meditate and connect with the cosmos.

Stonehenge (UK) it is the most famous on this list of Best Places To Travel For Spiritual Enlightenment. Nobody really knows it purpose. But many ancient civilizations used the megalithic monument for rituals and ceremonies. They felt the high energy field in the area. Therefore, this place is amazing. Visit the Stonehenge if you can. It will take you to another energy level. And it will show you how advanced spiritually our ancestors were.

Sanctuary Belintash it is and ancient sanctuary in Bulgaria. And it is an important point in Europe-s energy field. The other two points being the Cross Forest and the Karadjov stone. This beautiful place is surrounded by natural cosmic energy. Thousands of people visit this place annually. And they describe their miraculous paranormal experiences. It is a great place to travel to if you need and energy boost. And if you want to reach a higher frequency.

If you seek spiritual enlightenment, this list of The 5 Best Places To Travel For Spiritual Enlightenment should help you. Find out more information about these places. And choose the one that you can afford and the one that is more appealing to you.

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Best Places To Travel For Spiritual Enlightenment ...

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