President Faure visits La Digue and Praslin following announcement of measures in response to COVID-19 outbreak – Office of the President of the…

24 March 2020 | Enterpreneurship Development

President Danny Faure visited La Digue and Praslin this morning following the announcement of a series of measures on Friday to address the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The President announced that on Monday an office would open on both Praslin and La Digue to provide information on the measures in place, the guidelines that need to be followed, and provide any clarifications. Speaking to the Vice-Chairman of the La Digue Business Association, Mr Robert Pool, the President said, Seychelles is likely to remain in this state for some time to come. We are economically very vulnerable and what is key for Government is guaranteeing the salaries of all our people in this time.

Mr Pool had the opportunity to brief the President on the reality facing citizens and businesses on La Digue and thanked him for the economic measures in place that would safeguard wellbeing and economic activity.

The President also visited Logan hospital on La Digue and spoke with the nurse in charge, Ms Maria Cousin. She outlined the preparations that the hospital has made. The President thanked her and all health professionals for their dedication and hard work during the crisis.

President Faure also visitedPraslin today where he met with the Chairman of the Praslin Business Association, Mr Christopher Gill. Mr Gill discussed the difficult situation facing Seychelles and assured the President of Praslin Business Associations support to stabilise the countrys economy. He also made some suggestions of further economic measures the President could consider putting in place, and some of the more specific needs of the Praslin community.

The President visited Baie Ste Anne hospital where he met with the nursing manager Ms Myra Ernesta, who described the ongoing training for health professionals and the rapid response system in place. He also met with Mr William Rose at the Baie Ste Anne jetty who was able to share his first-hand experience of the effects of the pandemic so far.

Speaking to the press following his visit, the President said, My visit today has made the difficult reality the country is facing without tourism even clearer. This is a reality that we will face for some time to come and it will be tough, due to factors beyond our control. We need to ensure that the economy stays afloat, which is why Government has put a series of measures in place. After 12 years of hard work, we must be ready to face the economic crisis that is coming, worse than what we went through in 2008. There are measures and precautions we can take to keep ourselves, our family and the community safe. Changing our habits takes time, but the precautions are necessary if we want to ensure Seychelles is able to get through this difficult time. This is a moment that requires understanding, solidarity and discipline.

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President Faure visits La Digue and Praslin following announcement of measures in response to COVID-19 outbreak - Office of the President of the...

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