The rise of the ‘jetcation’: How hotels are using private jets to entice customers –

Unless youre the Duke and Duchess of Sussex or the President of the United States, flying privately isnt something youre likely to pony out for.

But if you dont mind splurging on first or business class when booking a holiday, you might now, in a post-pandemic world, consider justifying the extra cost for the privacy, safety and flexibility that comes with booking a private jet. Particularly as big airlines like Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa are scratching their first class offerings.

Buyouts of hotels and islands are a bastion of the new norm, but its the journey to and from the destination that guests are now focussing on, particularly if they are travelling in bubbles. Chairman and founder of SHY Aviation, Giles Vickers-Jones, says that theyve seen requests for private jets double this summer. Just because you go club class, it doesnt mean you cant afford a jet, he told Telegraph Travel.

What were finding is that people who have travelled BA business around Europe or Emirates first class are now saying that they want the security and safety that travelling by private jet affords and they want to know the aircraft were using is thoroughly cleaned, which it is.

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The rise of the 'jetcation': How hotels are using private jets to entice customers -

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