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FAMILIES who want a bit of space for their next holiday don't have to splash the cash for a private island, surprisingly.

Head across to Europe and you can find some bargains for just 12 each, per night - here are the best places to book for your next holiday with friends and family members.


Located off the coast of Vis island, the villa has modern bathrooms and two bedrooms, as well as amazing views of the sea.

An outdoor terrace area has almost panoramic views of the ocean.

There is nothing else on the island, which is accessible by private boat or transfer.

Costing around 640 per night, it means you could pay just 106 a night each if staying with five people.


Saponohoma Greek Island Villa is located on the Greek Island of Ios - just next door to Santorini.

On the island is a traditional blue and white vila, with room for 13 people.

There is also a housekeeper and cook to assist you when staying, with fresh coffee and fruits for breakfast.

It costs 450 (382) per person for a week, working out to 54 each.


Located near Venice in Italy, the 50 acre island is called Valle Falconera, and is home to a 6-bedroom pink farmhouse.

The Airbnb propertyis accessible by boat which goes across the lagoon surrounding the land.

While rustic, the rooms can welcome up to 16 guests at a time, but you can rent each of the private rooms separately as well.

It costs 516 per night - but if you can find 15 friends, will set you back just 32 each a night.


A tiny laakeside chalet is a more modest island stay, surrounde dby water and trees.

Inside is just a bedrom and shower, so don't expect much luxury, but is perfect to get away from everyone for a quiet trip.

There is WiFi, however, as well as a Finnish hot tub and the house caretaker will also organise breakfast include croissants and juice in the mornings.

It is ideal for couples, and will cost you 81 each per night.


Head to Spain and you can rent an entire island with a castle.

Located near Madrid, the castle and glamping tents can welcome up to 38 people.

Inside the castle are four bedrooms, sleeping eight, with five luxury bell tents outside for six people, and starts from 428 per night.

Perfect for events or large holidays, there are beaches with water sports activities to keep everyone entertained, while not seeing another soul during the stay.


An hour from Oslo is Vestery, where you will find a tiny cabin, which sleeps up to eight people.

Don't expect luxury here either - there is no running water and electricity is unreliable but you can get free drinking water at the grocery store.

However anyone who wants to be closer to nature can cook over the bonfire and do a food shop using the boat.

If you can find seven mates who don't mind bunking on the floor, it will cost just 190 a night, or 23 each.


Scotland's many islands are uninhabited, but Isle of Skye has a former staff house open to visitors.

The cottage sleeps up to eight people with four bedrooms.

You won't see anyone else, apart from some wild animals, but it is easy to get to by boat and you can cross the shore for a visit to the nearby pub.

Stays start from around 550 per night, so get five friends and you can pay 91 each a night.

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