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From time to time, we all feel bored and in need of something to do. When that happens, theres one thing that most of us turn to our smartphones and devices! If your number one port of call when life gets dull is your tablet or iPhone, youll need to know the best apps to keep you engaged and entertained for as long as you need! The good news is that theres plenty of great apps these days that are sure to stop boredom in its tracks! Here are just a few of the top choices.

There isnt anything quite like a strategy game to make sure your brain is working to its full potential! If youre feeling bored, a game such as 2048 or Flow Free could be just the app you need to help keep your mind active until the boredom passes! Flow Free may seem like an easy game which requires the player to connect up the matching colors using pipes to create a flow. Yet youll find that it isnt as simple as it might seem once you start playing!

Meanwhile, the game 2048 is just as frustrating but engaging in equal measure. Youll be using all of your math skills to swipe the tiles and reach the total of 2-48 before the game comes to an end!

One way to beat the boredom is to wager on a favorite casino game. The good news is that theres an app thats perfect for you. The BetMGM Online Poker free app allows players to indulge in a favorite pastime, so whether youre a total novice at poker or whether youre a card shark, youll find this app the perfect way to enjoy a flutter from your sofa.

One of the best ways to pass the time and beat boredom is to talk to other people and apps like OpenTalk and Anonychat could be just what youre looking for. They allow you to talk randomly to strangers all around the world, even keeping your own identity secret if you wish so you can say whatevers on your mind.

Are you feeling frustrated? If youre looking for an app that you can download to relieve your tension and stress, the Bubble Wrap app is exactly what you need. Its the virtual answer to the real thing and you can pop it in numerous virtual ways to wind down.

Do you love finding fun new content that you can enjoy in your down time? Then StumbleUpon is the perfect app to download. Itll give you all kinds of exciting art, news, articles, photos, quotes, tips, memes and videos to enjoy essentially, it brings you the top trending things on the web with just one click.

If you love to show off your amazing knowledge, the QuizUp app could be just what youre looking for. It allows you to engage with others within the worldwide trivia community and to answer a host of questions on all kinds of subjects.

Do you think of yourself as an artist? Then Sand Draw Sketch is a great app choice for you. Download this app and you can draw in virtual sand, and play on a virtual sandy canvas!

If youre feeling bored you might as well try learning something new to stave off the boredom. Why not learn the skill of a new language instead of vegetating? Duo Lingo is a free app which will help you to learn new languages in your downtime. With more than 20 languages to pick from, you can take lessons and tests which will develop and improve your abilities.

Did you ever wonder what you might look like if your hair was shorter or a different color? If youd like to know how youd look with a complete makeover but without investing in expensive makeup and hair products, the Perfect 365:One-Tap Makeover app is the one for you. Just upload an image of yourself to begin experimenting!

Many of us enjoy looking a new memes and laughing at them, but why not make some of your own? Download the Meme Generator Free app, and explore your sense of humor with funny memes made using different fonts and images!

Do you love food more than anything else in the world? Then try to foodies version of Tinder -Tender! This free to download app enables food lovers all over the world to connect easily with one another and to post images of successful meals and favorite recipes. When you like something youve seen, just swipe it and you can save the recipe! Its never been easier to plan the perfect dinner menu!

Sometimes, its hard to remember how we coped before we had tablets and smartphones, but thanks to the latest advanced technology and cutting edge apps, its now possible to stave off boredom anywhere and at any time. Whether youre waiting, queuing or just at a loose end, youll find plenty of apps to keep you occupied, whether you love playing games, betting, chatting, drawing or cooking! Youre sure to find an app in this comprehensive list to suit your preferences!

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Want to be entertained? These apps will do the job! - BestTechie

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