Sony just unveiled a new controller innovation that will launch before the PS5 – BGR

The PS5 might be the console on every PlayStation fans mind, but Sony isnt done developing products for its current console. Just a few weeks after telling the world that the PS5 controller will be much better than the DualShock 4 controller youre using now, Sony quietly launched an unexpected product meant to improve gaming on the PS4. The DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment is a $29.99 device that can be attached to the controller to offer users two additional, fully customizable buttons.

The relatively tiny contraption attaches to the back of the controller and features two buttons flanking a central OLED touchscreen display, which can be used to customize the buttons. Sony explained in a blog post that the buttons can be mapped to up to 16 different actions and provide amazing tactile feedback.

The buttons can be reconfigured as you play, and you can save up to three different profiles for different games.

Image Source: Sony

Unsurprisingly, the controller also features a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can still hook your headphones to it. The Back Button Attachment will be available in stores come January 23rd, selling for $29.99 in the US and CAD 39.99 in Canada.

The announcement makes no mention of PS5 compatibility, although Sony does say that the product is tested and approved for all of your favorite PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles and is built with the ergonomics of the DS4 in mind. Does that mean the DualShock 5 controller will ship with built-in back buttons of its own? Its too early to say, but well learn more about the PS5 controller once Sony is ready to unveil the PlayStation 5.

While we wait, heres a video presentation of the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment in action:

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Sony just unveiled a new controller innovation that will launch before the PS5 - BGR

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