Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

We at NJMS pride ourselves on cultivating a close-knit and supportive environment where students have access to outstanding clinical and research opportunities, community outreach initiatives, patient centered learning, and student centered support.

The mission of our admissions committee is to select a diverse class of talented students who vigorously contribute to and care for the school community and society as a whole. In evaluating candidates we give balanced consideration to a range of attributes such as academic excellence, lived experiences, resilience, personal growth and maturity. We consider various other dimensions of an applicant such as socioeconomic status, languages spoken, gender, race and ethnicity. Qualities of integrity, humanism, and passion are considered as these factors may influence an applicant's potential to succeed in medical school and are critical to their growth as physician-leaders. We are committed to fostering diversity in medicine and actively recruit a class that resembles the diversity of the patient population.

Thank you for your interest in Rutgers New Jersey Medical School!

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Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

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