Back On The Net

We have DSL. Finally. And I got a new laptop. I managed to find one of the last machines without Windows Vista on it. It took driving to a different store in another city, but it was totally worth it to get XP. After hearing so many Dell horror stories, which I was lucky enough to escape with my Dell laptop for the last 4 years, I went with a Lenovo (formerly IBM) in the end. They got the highest ratings in Consumer Reports and did not seem that much more pricey than other brands like Toshiba and Sony.

Now I am waiting for out cable provider to show up. We are approaching the last hour of the "installation window"I was given for this morning. I hope they show soon because I would like to get out of the house and hit the gym at some point today.

Anyway, more blogging later. It's nice to be back in business.

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