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You may have heard the buzz surrounding "integrative medicine," but do you know what it means? Local doctor Lynn Wagner defines it as the bridge between traditional and alternative medicine. Dr. Wagner believes it can improve the physical and mental health of people who incorporate it into their own health care. Dr. Wagner is a BayCare Clinic M.D. and Urgent Care physician who has made integrative medicine part of the care she provides.

Dr. Lynn Wagner decided to pursue medicine when she was an undergrad at University of Minnesota. She went to medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her residency in California. Dr. Wagner determined that she wanted to pursue emergency room medicine because she liked the variety and pace of providing treatment.

When Dr. Wagner personally dealt with post-partum depression after the birth of her daughter, she sought out other non-traditional healing methods. Practices like energy healing, meditation, yoga and changing her diet made her feel better. When Dr. Wagner realized it could do the same for her patients, her integrative medical practice grew.

Here I am working in the E.R., and I have these patients coming in, and they are on 10-15 different prescription medications. They are miserable, theyre in pain, theyre lonely, and no one is telling them there is a better way. So I had to do something else.

Dr. Wagner says prescription medications do have a place in her practice, but its also important to her to find out the cause a physical or mental ailment while they are treating the symptom.

In our Get 2 the Point podcast, hear more from Dr. Lynn Wagner about the ways that integrative medicine is becoming part of traditional health care and learn more about integrative lifestyle medicine at BayCare Clinic at

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